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Fat Transfer Treatment in Perth

Procedure Name: Fat transfer
Also Known As: Fat injections, autologous fat transfer
Great For: Restoring volume, anti-ageing, improve lines & wrinkles, enhance facial contouring, improve appearance of scars, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation
Alternative Options: Dermal Fillers, Collagen Stimulators

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer is a placement of a patient’s own fatty tissue to correct and improve lines, wrinkles and contours in areas such as lip augmentation, nasolabial lines, chin, cheeks or scars.

What should I expect after a Fat Transfer treatment?How is the procedure performed?
First, an amount of fat is harvested from a suitable area (usually abdomen or outer thighs) under local anaesthesia. The harvested fat is then treated, refined and re-injected into the facial area under local anaesthesia. The procedure involves minimal discomfort and usually takes about 45 minutes.

Several small, well-hidden injection sites are made on the facial tissue to allow the implantation process to proceed. These areas will heal within a few days and rarely leave any marks. It is normal to expect significant swelling for the twenty four to forty eight hours after the procedure, followed by normal amounts of swelling for a week or two after. Bruising and redness might also last for one to two weeks. As infection is possible (but not common), an antibiotic course will be given prior to and after the procedure.

Fat Transfer Perth



Is one Fat Transfer treatment enough?
Occasional uneven filling and lumpiness can occur but are usually corrected with subsequent procedures. In some areas, the process will need to be repeated two to three times to give the best correction. Multiple areas may be corrected at one sitting, but over correcting any individual area in one sitting must be avoided, hence the need for several sessions in some individuals.

The injected fat will often be permanent in these areas, but as aging continues, so will the reduction in facial contours and further procedures may be necessary in later years.

The filling of the face can have amazing rejuvenating effects and is an excellent treatment when combined with other procedures.

Why choose Absolute Cosmetic for your Fat Transfer treatment?
Dr Murray enjoys this procedure and the effects it can achieve. He has performed hundreds of these procedures and has a high fat survival rate.
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