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About Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, Perth

Cosmetic SurgeryAbsolute Cosmetic Medicine is a trusted name for cosmetic medical and surgical procedures in Perth.

The doctors at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine have been serving Perth and Western Australia for nearly 20 years.

Dr Glenn Murray has been a full-time cosmetic doctor for nearly 20 years and was one of the first in Australia with a full time cosmetic practice.

He is Australian trained at the University of Western Australia and has served as a past cosmetic president, cosmetic councillor and has been involved in writing the Australia College of Cosmetic Surgery liposuction guidelines.

Dr Murray has appeared on television, in the press and on radio discussing multiple cosmetic topics. In the last few years he has also received accolades for assisting patients who have had tragic outcomes overseas.

Dr Murray has consistently serviced the country areas for more than 15 years. These include the Karratha and Port Hedland area, Geraldton and Carnarvon areas, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Mandurah, Bunbury, Dunsborough, Margaret River region and Albany.

In Perth, suburbs including Joondalup, Mandurah, Applecross, Nedlands and the CBD are also serviced.

Absolute Cosmetic offers a full range of cosmetic treatments or referrals to the appropriate doctor. We have associated doctors who are also experts in their field.

Cosmetic Surgery

The aim of this practice is to guide patients to the correct treatment and receive a natural and subtle improvement. Candidates must be realistic, and opting for these procedures for the right reason. It is part of our job to assess whether the patient is choosing the correct treatment for their concern; sometimes the condition is psychological, rather than physical, and we recommend these patients seek counselling treatment.

An assessment is performed pre-treatment with an extensive questionnaire to assess patients’ area(s) of concern.

Pre-Cosmetic Treatment

It is wise to avoid anti-inflammatory medication and aspirin for two weeks before the treatment if possible. In some treatments the cessation of smoking two weeks prior is essential. On the day of treatment it is wise for minor procedures to obtain EMLA numbing cream from the pharmacy and apply on the area under glad wrap for at least half an hour. This can be removed after approximately 30 minutes and the area should be fully numb. The instructions on the packet must be carefully read.

Bringing an ice pack to your treatment is also an excellent idea and we have different pain relieving modalities such as Nitrous Oxide (‘laughing gas’) to assist those who are very sensitive to pain.

Post-Cosmetic Treatment

After surgical procedures, the patient should be numb for quite a few hours. It is wise to schedule some down time for post treatments. One hour to one week is recommended, depending on the treatment, although for minor treatments usually 24 hours is all that is needed. Always sleep with the body part elevated for the first night and ice for half an hour on and half an hour off. Complications are possible but we have a very low rate of these in our practice, and we have a 24 hour service that is staffed by doctors and nurses. Some practices will only have nurses available for face-to-face consultations, but we ensure doctors are also available via telephone or videoconferencing. A rough guide to return to work is between 1 day and 1 week and return to exercise is usually light exercise; 1 week, moderate at 2 and more full on at 3 weeks. It can be faster/slower depending on the degree of treatment.

Those Who Should Not Have Cosmetic Treatments

There is a condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder where the patient is obsessed with their looks and thinks any cosmetic treatment will make them happy.

There are many online questionnaires available and it is wise if a patient is looking more than 20 times in the mirror and finds the way they look distressing, they should take this questionnaire and avoid cosmetic surgery but see a counsellor instead.

Some other personality disorders do not allow patients to feel happy with their looks and treatment results. These patients should also avoid undergoing treatments.

It must be realised that doctors and nurses are people too and we find it distressing when patients become unhappy or unrealistic about their results, when the treatment has actually been successful. Patients who have had recent life-changing events or who are unrealistic should also seek counselling to improve their demeanour before they have a cosmetic procedure.

Even though cosmetic procedures can change your life for the better it is not guaranteed and the treatment should be done for yourself not to please others or fix life problems.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs and Prices

There is an old saying you only get what you pay for. Within our fees, pre-op care, intra-operative care, and post-operative care are all covered.

Cheaper clinics will always be looking for ways to cut corners, which can be dangerous and lead to a poorer outcome. If you pay a cheap price then lifesaving or appearance saving after-care may not be available to you. The quality of staff may also be less.

A hotel is not a hospital and is cheap in comparison. We have performed over 20,000 procedures in our practice with a very low problem rate. All our nurses are strictly supervised and experienced. We have some of the most experienced practitioners in Australia and the world.

All of our products are approved for use in Australia and full medical strength. Beware of ‘specials’ that are watered down or an illegal import. All nurses must be under supervision and all patients should see a doctor before a treatment. The doctor must be aware of your existence and keep notes, plus sign these notes and review them regularly.

Cosmetic Treatments

We are one of the largest clinics in Australia and endeavour to give good value specials to you on a regular basis. We do not rush into cheap, new products.

We not only read the scientific literature on these but we trial them on ourselves first. You only have one face and body, do not risk it, put it in the hands of doctors who put great effort into preventing complications but have the experience to treat them when they occur.

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