Social Media Policy

We are always striving to improve and appreciate realistic, constructive criticism. We have a procedure for complaints which includes ringing the Practice Manager Karina on 9389 9099.

Please note there is a great concern in the medical community regarding fake, good/bad reviews and libelous comments on social media. Recently a Doctor was awarded $480,000.00 for such comments. We value our reputation strongly with over 20 years real experience in the cosmetic industry and offer some services few other clinics offer. For example we have some of the most experienced practitioners in Australia plus an afterhours urgent assistance number .We also offer a complimentary second consultation so you are fully aware of the risks.

We have the most caring and attentive staff members who are there to assist you. Remember consent forms must be clearly read and understood prior to treatments as you must be aware some sequelae such as swelling are normal and complications are in infrequent our clinic but do occur and our experience is the key to resolving these.

We do greatly appreciate your positive reviews and comments and hope you respect our request to address any complaints to our practice manger. Please note this is a condition of treatment and any incorrect or libelous comments made will incur legal action. Patients or practitioners using our site to promote friends or other practices will also be directed to the Medical Board and our Legal department. We ask others to note this unprofessional behaviour and not reward these people.

All comments should be respectful to others and the use of vulgar language will be reported to Facebook – this is a condition of participation.

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