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Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast Implant Illness (BII) has received a lot of media attention recently and some high profile personalities have spoken about

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February Product of the Month – Revision – D.E.J Eye Cream

Did you know, the average person blinks 19,200 times a day? Have you ever thought about the fact that every

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January Product of the Month – Revision Skincare – Intellishade

We are well into the scorcher season, and it is just as important as ever (if not more, during the

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Helping You Meet Your 2019 Goals

Every year we set goals to make this our best year yet. Research has shown that 80% of resolutions fail

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Frequently Asked Questions about Liposuction

Deciding to go ahead with Liposuction, or any cosmetic procedure is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. 

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Jett Plasma Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Patient Diary

We are excited to announce that we have recently introduced the Jett Plasma Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift.  The Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Breast Implants

Deciding to go ahead with Breast Augmentation Surgery, or any cosmetic procedure is a big decision that should not be

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Tabatha’s Overseas Surgery Story

Tabatha’s Story: Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Almost Killed Me Have you ever thought about having cheaper cosmetic surgery overseas? I did,

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Important Information about Lip Filler Complications and Aftercare

Hi, it is Dr Murray here to talk to you about Lip Filler. I wanted to write a blog post

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Is the Brazilian butt Lift Safe?

The Brazilian Butt Lift has been in the media over the past few days. A study in 2017 collected data

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Unlimited IPL Hair Removal Memberships Launched

Ditch the razor with Absolute’s Unlimited IPL Hair Removal Membership.  Only $200 per month.  Choose 1 small, 1 medium and

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Absolute Cosmetic 10 Week Acne Challenge

Do you have acne and are looking for a non-invasive, medication-free solution to clear your skin?  Absolute Cosmetic has launched

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