Cellulite uncovered…

CelluliteThe cause of cellulite is still not well understood, although anecdotally in our practice we notice that these areas seem to have very poor blood supply. The posterior thigh or the back of the legs can be a big problem area for some people. Many will say that they do not wear shorts or when they do they notice people commenting that are walking behind them on their cellulite. There are many treatments on the market and it is surprising how many people waste thousands of dollars on these treatments. The most effective treatment we have seen to date is Vaser Smooth. This is a very expensive machine to buy, run and train for. It is extremely effective and safe. Ultrasound is used to go gently under the skin and disrupt the fibrous bands that are like anchors pulling down the skin. It is a minor surgical procedure and 4 day’s recovery is needed for this. Results are variable between 50% – 90% improvement.

Saddlebag stores…

SaddlebagsThe outer thigh or saddlebag region is an extremely common area for people to collect fat. Even a small roll of fat can be quite noticeable in jeans and tight fitting clothes. The Vaser Pro lipo machine uses ultrasound much like the Vaser smooth machine to liquify the fat and give a smoother result. Even old divots from previous less gentle lipo procedures can be improved by this method. Once again it is a minor surgical procedure and 4 days’ downtime is needed. Most of our patients report very minimal discomfort after the procedure.



Picosure laser – the gold standard in tattoo removal

We have the only red head Picosure laser In Perth. This machine gives a very short burst of energy or laser light to cook the tattoo pigment. It is a Pico second machine which means the heat is delivered extremely efficiently without effecting the surrounding skin in most cases. It has been noted that this can also reduce melasma pigmentation and give a non-burning skin rejuvenation. Many people that have a busy lifestyle do not want any downtime and this is often possible with the Pico laser. It is very important to note only Doctors can use this laser in WA and it is illegal to use it otherwise. This means that if something did go wrong you would not be insured.



The latest news in breast implants

Our brand of breast implants, the Polytech implants have been noted to have the best safety record amongst all brands. There has not been one case of lymphoma recorded with these implants. Although lymphoma is extremely rare, the complications can be serious so it is wise not to use a textured implant and to choose a safer brand like Polytech. The Germans as we all know make an excellent product and Polytech is a great German brand that comes in smooth or polyurethane coated implants. Polyurethane was developed to avoid capsular contracture, although our rate of capsular contracture at Absolute is extremely low. We use these implants more for their stickiness or adhesion in the emptier or saggier breasts.


Coolsculpting warning

Coolsculpting, the non-surgical fat freezing machine is an excellent and very safe machine. Unfortunately, there are some cheaper alternatives that have been giving patients severe burns and complications. In fact, some of these machines have been advertised as Zeltig or Coolsculpt technology when they are not. Coolsculpting has been developed by Harvard associated doctors and is a very precise and safe machine when used by experienced technicians.  Coolsculpting is an extremely difficult technology to master and cheap copies should be avoided at all cost. Some companies have even used the Coolsculpting name in their advertising which is illegal. We ask all our patients to please report this to their member of parliament plus the medical board or AHPRA. It is a great concern that non-medical business people are entering the market place to make a quick buck.

New soft threads

We are using the silhouette soft threads in our main clinic but also these are now available in the country clinics. The Silhouette Soft suture is made of poly lactic acid and the cones on the sutures are made of lactide-glycolic mix. These products are completely compatible with the human body. On each suture, there are two series of cones. These cones face in opposite direction and are called bidirectional. This gives better hold and tension when lifting the skin on the face. Threads can be placed in the mid face or jaw line, the neck region and even the forehead/eyebrow region. The procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment and no incisions are needed. The threads are placed under the skin via needles. Local anesthetic or numbing cream can be applied prior to the threads being placed under the skin. Usually the recovery is immediate although patients that bruise easily may notice some bruising.

Clinics uncovered…

We have seen an explosion of patients coming in that have had minor to major complications elsewhere. Recently a lovely lawyer who was an ex-patient of mine came in looking grossly deformed. She had been to two other clinics as they had good reviews and great Instagram pages. The injecting technique in her mid-face was very unusual and completely incorrect. In fact, if you pushed on her cheek her forehead would bulge out. She did some research and quizzed both clinics and realised that they had a very limited knowledge base. She also realised that they had a lot of reviews for being such a new clinic. Patients should consider that clinics are able to purchase fake reviews. In fact, one clinic we looked at had the same review posted 3 times under different names. Always choose a licenced clinic with many years of genuine experience, not combined experience as some clinics advertise.