When it comes to anti aging treatments, there are a number of factors to consider. Here we will outline what to think about when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, wrinkle relaxers or muscle relaxants – however you choose to refer to them.


There are now three different types of anti-wrinkle injectable treatments available in the Australian cosmetic medicine market. (Please note, it is illegal for us to name them, so for now we will refer to them as Type B, Type D and Type X.)

Type B is the original wrinkle relaxer treatment, and perhaps the most recognisable name. However, Type D was introduced to the market roughly 10+ years ago, and more recently in the last few years, Type X was introduced in Australia.

Type B and D are very good for freezing stubborn lines and preventing wrinkles, while Type X provides a slightly more natural result, allowing more movement and doesn’t last as long as Type B and D.


There are many cosmetic clinics in Perth offering wrinkle relaxer treatments, specifically Type D at a reduced cost, but often these clinics water dilute the product to go further. This has lead to the belief that it is a sub-standard product, or simply doesn’t work on some people. Although some people do develop intolerances, this is generally not the case, and if administered with the correct dose and dilution, Type D can be just as effective. Be sure to check that you are receiving the full recommended dose of your anti-aging injection. For a list of our specials, please click here.


Always ensure that your injector is fully trained in cosmetic injectable treatments, and has received adequate training before trusting your face and body to them.

You should check that cosmetic treatments are their core scope of work, that they don’t simply dabble in it from time to time. This will ensure they are well experienced and know what they are doing!

You should also note that it is illegal for a nurse to inject dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxers without first seeing a doctor to provide a prescription. It is not enough to simply consult a nurse working on their own.



The best way to purchase your wrinkle relaxer is by area, given that units are not the same for different products. One relaxer’s 30 units is only really the equivalent to 10 units of another product. So you may pay half price and think you’re getting a bargain, but you actually are receiving a third of the units, and therefore a third of the effectiveness. Confused? Yes! That’s what they want you to be! You only get what you pay for. Be smart – treat by area, always see an experienced doctor first before treatment and use full strength TGA approved product.

If you are considering anti-aging treatments such as wrinkle relaxers, or just wanting a bit more information on the topic, we offer complimentary consultations with our nurses who are happy to explain the treatment further. Visit our photo gallery here or to book an appointment, please contact our clinics.

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