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Bachelor beauty Tiffany Scanlon opens up about Injectables Use

03 Aug 2017

Our very own Nurse Steph Murray was featured in The West Australian Newspaper last weekend!  Read the edited* online article below or read the full version with video from The West.

Bachelorette beauty Tiffany Scanlon opens up about Injectables Use

Former Bachelor star Tiffany Scanlon is determined to remove the stigma around using wrinkle relaxers, saying it is a necessity in the age of the selfie.

The reality TV identity has revealed she is dipping her toes back in the dating world after first appearing on Richie Strahan’s season and later embarking on a failed romance with fellow WA contestant Megan Marx.

Keen to look her best as she documents her adventures to social media, Scanlon has been seeing Perth’s “Queen of Injectables” Stephanie Murray from Absolute Cosmetic and says she has no qualms in going public with her treatments.

“I think that I am in a position where I can share things I am doing,” the 30-year-old told AAA Weekend.

“I want to be honest and real with the people that follow me…there are things that go on behind the scenes. I think a lot of people feel a bit of shame about getting cosmetic procedures and I want to assist in removing that stigma so people can be more open about getting something done.

“If you feel good, then why not?”

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Stephanie Murray prepares to give Tiffany Scanlon an injectables treatment at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine. Picture: Ian Munro

Murray said it was becoming more common for women to turn to wrinkle relaxers at a younger age to prevent deep lines from setting in.

“I think we are in the age of the selfie and social media and everyone is photographing themselves,” she said.

“The Jenners and Kardashians have set a trend and they are open about what they do, so people realise (relaxers) are available to them.”

“Having said that, it does take skill. You must know your underlying anatomy and it takes time to get really good at it. It’s not something you should just entrust to the everyday backyard person. Go to someone that has experience, knowledge and updates their skill.”

Meanwhile, Scanlon said she had been on her first date “in a really long time” this week with a man she met through a friend.

“It went well,” she beamed.

“But it doesn’t matter if it went well or not — I am just really proud of myself for getting out there after seriously months and months.”

*This article has been purposely edited to comply with cosmetic surgery industry regulations.

Original Source: The West

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