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We are very concerned regarding Backyard Injectors – the latest we have heard is someone injecting in a garage! Some basic rules you must be aware of that are now being strongly enforced since October 2016. Injecting parties (B parties) are against the Health Department rules.

As a host of these events  there is a possibility of being sued if something goes wrong such as anaphylaxis (also for referrals for travel surgery or a negligent complication at your business, especially if the injector is inexperienced etc.)

You must see a Doctor first before treatment and be fully consented. Aftercare must be available. Injecting in bathrooms etc. is not considered adequate by the health department. Injectables are not allowed to be on sold from a Doctor or pharmacists to anyone else including nurses and other Doctors. Dentists are not allowed to inject outside the scope of dentistry.

Importing injectables can be subject to prosecution.
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re: investigations and prosecution of these events and dermal necrosis from injecting a blood vessel.