Becoming a Realistic Patient – A Perth Cosmetic Surgery Perspective

Below is a transcription of Dr Murray’s Video on Becoming a Realistic Patient – A Perth Cosmetic Surgery Perspective:

Hi it’s Dr Murray here from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine. I hope you are well and happy.

Today we are going to talk about being a realising Patient before your procedures.

Even simple procedures are quite complex to understand for a regular person and it is important that you do your research well. Be realistic but realise that every time you have a procedure we learn more about you and your face. So hopefully we can improve on that.


It is also very important to convey exactly what is on your mind about many of these procedures, what you are after and to be forgiving because sometimes you do not get exactly what you want. This is usually at your first run of cosmetic surgery procedures. So the main thing is to read the consent forms well, discuss it with your practitioner if you got questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

As we are unable to read your mind and we cannot discuss or find it hard to explain things if you do not ask us. But for any more questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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