Absolute Cosmetic’s One Day Only Sale is Coming!

Set yourself a reminder for Friday the 27th November 2020, to take advantage of our biggest single-day sale!

All offers can only be purchased on this date, so don’t miss out! 

T&C’s apply!

There is no doubt about it, 2020 has been a difficult year and if you’re like us you’re ready to kiss it goodbye!

Great timing to plump up those lips and pucker up with an absolutely incredible Black Friday deal.

Lip Filler from $195 per ml

Get youthful and glowing skin in 2021 with our unbelievable Kleresca offer!

Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation – $99 

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment – $99
Kleresca Acne Treatment  – $99

Kleresca is suitable for almost all skin types, it is gentle, yet effective and non-destructive to the skin. The treatment targets many skin concerns including rosacea and acne. Additionally, this is a great skin rejuvenation treatment.

ONLY $99 per treatment! 

Our minimally invasive Photo-Rejuvenation facial uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, to reduce the appearance of common skin concerns, such as brown spots, melasma, broken capillaries, and sun damage. IPL can also treat signs of ageing such as wrinkles or age spots. With minimal downtime and few side effects, this is one of our most popular skin treatments!

ONLY $99 for a Full Face Treatment!

Add a radiance-boosting RATIONALE peel, combined with a purifying selection of enzymes to your next Microdermabrasion treatment for an overall skin pick me up!

Take $50 off an already discounted price for a Micro-Deluxe at any of our four full-time locations!

ONLY $99!

The Gold standard skin hydrator for radiant and glowing skin has never been more affordable!

Repair dehydrated and tired skin with Skin Booster injections, which work to produce new collagen and elastin. Expect firmer, smoother skin with a long-lasting healthy glow after a single treatment.

Improve your skin’s overall quality, for ONLY $250 per treatment.  

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Pay now, book for Jan 2021 
  2. Can only be redeemed in Jan – Feb 2021 
  3. Advanced Injectors ONLY 
  4. Non-refundable can be transferred case by case dependant 
  5. AfterPay valid 
  6. Sale ends COB Friday 27th Nov. 2020