Choosing the right implant type is serious business

If you are considering Breast Augmentation, an important part of your process before a procedure is deciding on the type of implant you will choose. Nowadays patients have the luxury to choose between a variety of implant types, however, with a measureless amount of information online, it can be hard to find reputable documentation to help support important decisions before your procedure.


With the help of our expert Cosmetic Doctor at Absolute Cosmetic, we have simplified the basic details on implant options for you, to better help you understand the reasons behind the common options.


At ACM we offer extensive assessments and consultations with our doctor, to help you determine the most suitable implant type based on individual components. For the safest and most beneficial result, the following are just some of the things taken into consideration at every Breast Augmentation consultation.

  • Your physique, including skin tissue and whether you have adequate body fat for implant coverage.
  • Skin elasticity, condition, and resilience.
  • Your overall aesthetic goals and aims from the procedure and what you hope to achieve results-wise.


Our doctor will discuss the above in-depth, prior to your procedure, as well as further information regarding your health and well-being.


The Common Types



Less commonly used in plastic and cosmetic surgery these days, Saline implants are inserted empty and filled with sterile water after inserted. Filling the implant after insertion allows for a smaller incision site. A disadvantage to Saline implants is the potential to see the texture of the implant through the skin, appearing as rippling under the skin. Additionally, many individuals have reported the feeling of the water moving about.


Cohesive Gel-Look (also known as Gummy Bear or Form Stable)

Known to retain their shape, even if the outer shell is punctured, the cohesive gel is technically silicone, though a thicker form of it to help the implant stay in place. The thickness of the gel is what gained the implant the name “Gummy Bear”, which it seems to resemble.

At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine we offer German-made Polytech breast implants and the new 6th Generation ergonomic implants from Motiva, considered one of the most popular in Australia.


The texture is just as important as size

The texture of the implant you choose will have a noticeable effect on the overall appearance too. The texture can also affect the profile of the implant, whether it is a low or high projection.



Smooth implants have been reported to not “stick” in place as well as some other options. This can mean the implant has a higher risk of moving around and deforming its intended shape. It is recommended by Dr. Murray that those with a leaner, slimmer physique, opt for a Dual Plan position if choosing a Smooth implant.


Lightly Textured

Our preferred choice here at ACM. Motiva also makes a Nano-Textured implant, the difference in texture between Lightly Textured and Nano-Textured is subtle. At Absolute Cosmetic, we mostly use the German Polytech brand, who have been around for a long time, and claim to be the safest implants in the world. The Polytech Grade II implants are similar to the Smooth texture, with added (though subtle) cohesion for extra stickiness to ensure a more fixed placement, with less reposrted movement than smooth textured.


Moderately Textured

For those with naturally heavier breasts or breast sagginess, medium or moderately textured implants are often used. These implants have the ability to hold onto the chest better than other options, meaning less potential for moving around.

Here at ACM, our preferred implant placement for Moderately textured implants are above the muscle or subfascial.

No known Lymphoma cases have been reported with Moderately textured implant types, however, your risks of Lymphoma, may increase slightly in comparison to the other options.


Macro Textured

Withdrawn off the market, due to Lymphoma risks. Although this is a risk, it is uncommon, to rare, something Dr. Murray here at Absolute Cosmetic has stated he has never seen in his 22+ years as a cosmetic doctor.


You can find more information here, on the TGA revision of Textured Implants in Australia.


For those with implants

If you are unsure of the type of implants you currently have, we recommend finding out. If you do have Macro textured implants that have been withdrawn off the market, it is strongly recommended that you go see your general practitioner for an implant check.

Alternatively, Absolute Cosmetic offer’s complimentary Breast Implant checks at our Nedlands rooms, with Dr. Murray. Whether you had your Breast procedure with Absolute Cosmetic, or not, we welcome all individuals with implants to arrange a consultation through reception, on 08) 9389 9099.


We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Dr. Murray, the Director and Co-Owner of Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, has been performing Breast Augmentation procedures for over 22 years and is a respected full-time cosmetic doctor.


To view Dr. Murray’s IGTV video, explaining your options in more detail, click here!


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