Looking good equals feeling good, and in today’s world, it has never been easier to achieve your aesthetic goals.

With the help of popular cosmetic treatments, more and more men are taking action on their appearance and we are here to help.

PerthNow Article: ‘Brotox’: Former MAFS star Telv Williams and influencer Jordan Kay among Perth men getting botox treatments


Popular new terms “Manscaping” and “Brotox” refer to the ever-expanding realm of cosmetic treatments, gaining the attention of the modern man. Building on the normality and expectation of men undergoing cosmetic treatments, 2020 started the era of ‘Zoom Ready’ patients, providing not only women, but men, the privacy, time, and resources to self-assess their growing concerns, particularly in regards to ageing and stress-related changes affecting their appearance.


The term ‘tweaked’ as opposed to ‘tucked’ is the driving force behind the acceptability of men feeling comfortable in seeking advice from cosmetic specialists. Self-confidence at the end of the day is the defining reason why men may benefit from such cosmetic treatments, improving their quality of life and how they radiate happiness from within. It is becoming more commonplace and socially acceptable for men to provide emphasis on their appearance on the outside to ensure they feel the same on the inside. Although sensitivity and the opinion of appearing vein may discourage the male demographic, this consideration is becoming less and less of a factor in today’s changing society.


Co-Owner of Absolute Cosmetic and Medical Director, Dr. Glenn Murray, was interviewed by the PerthNow team last month, on the topic of cosmetic treatments among men.

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While treating a wide demographic of male patients is not new to us at Absolute Cosmetic, post-Covid lockdown 1 (late 2020), the number of male clients attending our clinics has increased significantly.


So to help you learn more about the types of procedures suitable and popular amongst male clientele in 2021, we put together a list of our top 5 most requested male treatments, as noted by our medical practitioners at ACM.


Wrinkle Relaxers

Otherwise referred to as ‘Brotox,’ the shifting focus of more and more men wanting to reverse the signs of ageing is on the incline. With the desire to look more awake, energized and generally youthful, men are turning to this common procedure in order to keep up with growing societal norms and social media expectations. Competitive assessment in today’s job market is, unfortunately, comparing the direct link to one’s physical appearance and their success rate which is another considerable reason the male population is looking at smoothing out their fine lines and wrinkles.


Hair Removal with IPL-Laser Technology

With Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal, you can safely remove unwanted hair on areas of both the face and body. A cost-effective and popular treatment for women, IPL has increasingly gained the attention of many men over the years also, with its convenience, effectiveness, and limited downtime making it a common treatment. The wave-length, exposure duration and energy levels are chosen to selectively damage targeted hair follicles (and unwanted skin spots) with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.


Jawline Enhancement

Enhancing the shape of the lower face, by contouring and defining the chin and jawline with Dermal Filler, can have a significant affect on ones appearance. By creating a sharp and chiseled jawline, Dermal Filler can also provide a lift to the lower face, minimising the appearance of jowls.  is a common area the male demographic look at defining to increase their masculinity with the added definition to achieve that usually unattainable ‘chiselled jaw.’


Hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating

Sweat-marked clothing and lingering odour, prompting the frequent need to apply antiperspirant, is not only an inconvenience impacting an individual’s day-to-day activities, but can really impact a person’s self-esteem. Anti-Sweat Injections for Hyperhidrosis is an effective treatment to reduce these unwanted symptoms, giving you back the freedom and confidence we all desire! Read more about the treatment for Hyperhydrosis here.


CoolSculpting to freeze stubborn fat 

As an alternative to the surgical option of Liposuction, many men are looking for less invasive procedures, with limited downtime (and evidence) of a surgical procedure. Natural-looking results that require no downtime to successfully enhance their current body shape. Whilst CoolSculpting won’t provide the patient with rock-hard abs or pecks, stubborn areas such as the abdomen, flanks, and arms can be sculpted to reveal a more defined aesthetic.


Regenera Activa to stimulate hair growth

A common concern amongst the male demographic is early signs of hair loss with patients beginning to see the signs in their early 20’s. This can be a considerable self-esteem blow as there is no direct cure, however, there is a new effective treatment on offer that can begin to grow back the hair. The Regenera Activa is a new procedure on offer whereby micro-grafts are obtained by the patient’s own tissue and injected into the scalp to treat the affected area.


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