Have you been exercising and following a strict diet regime but still you can’t get rid of the stubborn fat? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone. The accumulation of the stubborn fat in certain areas such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs is a common problem affecting millions of people. Many people don’t want to undergo the surgical procedures because they are not only painful, but also costly and takes time to recover. Thanks to the advancement in cosmetic techniques, people can now opt for other effective and popular body-contouring options that don’t involve going under the knife; Zerona and CoolSculpting. Although both treatments offer pain-free results, they are quite different in terms of their fat reduction approach. So, which is which?


CoolSculpting treatments in Perth is one of the most popular non-surgical procedure that involves a unique cooling process called Cryolipolysis. The procedure is designed to eliminate fat cells by freezing them away without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues and skin. The frozen fat deposits usually get disintegrated in a few weeks and get eliminated from the body system naturally.

You will require 2 sessions to experience the maximum results, but keep in mind that the results vary from one person to another. In general, you can expect the results in 1-2 months.


Zerona use a special low level laser to liquefy and shrink the targeted fat cells. The unwanted fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body through detoxification. However, for you to achieve the desirable results, you need to have regularity and commitment to this treatment method. For the first 15 days, you must visit the treatment center every other day for a 40-minute treatment session. Failure to this, even for a single appointment, you bear the risk of jeopardizing your fat loss plan.

You can expect to see the dramatic results, of course, after completing the full treatment period. Nevertheless, sometimes you may notice a slight difference in appearance after the fourth session.

Who is the right candidate for Zerona or CoolSculpting?

Before entering Zerona or CoolSculpting, it’s generally advisable to determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment simply by consulting a physician. But before you set up an appointment, you should keep in mind that:

· Non-surgical body contouring is intended for individuals who have resistant to exercise and diet. Overweight or obese patients should consider other fat-loss methods with their doctor.

· These procedures are not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

Other Fat Freeze Reduction Imitation Treatments  in Perth

There are other Fat Freezing Reduction Treatments out there that claim to be Coolsculpting but they are not.

What Questions to ask to pick out the CoolSculpting Imitations

Always ask these questions:

  • Is this treatment Coolsculpting? (some will say it is ‘like’ Coolsculpting but it is not)
  • What is the brand of the machine you are using? (Make sure it is the Lumenis Coolsculpting Machine not imitation brands)
  • Is the treatment done at a Clinic? (Alarm bells should ring when you  hear that the treatment is carried out at home)
  • Is there a Doctor or Nurse or Qualified Dermal Clinician providing the treatment? (Always look out for Practitioners that are Qualified & Trained to carry out the procedure)
  • Is there a Doctor or Nurse at the clinic to provide consent? (This is always important if there is an emergency that you are taken care by medical professionals)
  • Is there a follow-up session & how long are you required for the review after the treatment? (A review is always important to monitor any progress of the treatment or spot any issues that have occured)


Both procedures are excellent options, but after weighing them, CoolSculpting reigns supreme. Well, you will experience more immediate with Zerona since the procedure simply works by shrinking the fat cells. However, there is a greater risk of the stubborn fat returning as compared to CoolSculpting, which gets rid of the cells completely. With CoolSculpting procedure, you are not required follow specific guidelines before or after treatment. Also, you can continue on with a healthy lifestyle.
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