Dr Glenn Murray is among the first cosmetic surgeons around the world to offer Crisalix Virtual Reality 4D consultations. For the first time, breast augmentation patients will be able to “try on” their breast implants to finally answer the question every patient has: “How could I look after the procedure?”

Aesthetic surgical candidates interested in breast augmentation can see their new look before surgery using Crisalix VR 4D technology, before actually going ahead with the procedure. Simply send an enquiry now for a consultation reception@absolutecosmetic.com.au or call on 9389 9099.

Crisalix- VR breast augmentation

Crisalix: 4D Augmented Reality simulations worth a thousand words

A decision to modify one’s physical appearance should not be taken lightly. It is only normal for a patient to want to have a visual feel for what the final results might look like before committing to the procedure. Before Crisalix Virtual Reality 4D simulations, the only available option was to view before and after pictures of other patients or use sizers for breast augmentation – and, very recently, 3D. Crisalix has made it possible for every patient to have a personal VR consultation by combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art information technology in an effort to optimize the level of care and treatment they deserve.

This breakthrough technology, now offered at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, increases patient education, understanding and interaction, to further optimize post-procedure satisfaction to a previously considered unattainable level.

So how does Crisalix work?

You will have the option to have a Crisalix consultation after your initial consultation with one of the nursing team. At the consultation, we will use our body scanner to get your ‘before’ measurements, then we will select the implant type, size and placement and Crisalix will create your ‘after’. See how this works in the video below.

Crisalix consultations are an option for clients who have had an initial consultation with one of our nurses. For more information please contact us at reception@absolutecosmetic.com.au or call on 9389 9099.  Find out more about Breast Augmentation at Abolute Cosmetic Medicine.