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01 Jan 1970


  • identify a weakness or an area a patient would like to enhance with dermal filler, to achieve better composition, rejuvenation or restoration of their face.


ACM Who is a suitable candidate?

L:  Most people are suitable. however, those with pre-exisiting facial conditions or complications are taken into consideration rpito to proceeding with treatment.




  • It is not permanent,
  • Budget
  • They don’t want invasive surgery or the downtime associated with it
  • They may only need a subtle tweak, small amount of filler to restore what they have.



What are the differing

Males: aiming for a wider chin and more angualur jawline

Women: Support sagging of the skin, along the jawline and to keep the chin in proportion to balance facial features (smaller chin).


Over 50 patients

Consider other areas, ie. temples and midface as well as jawline to address support and to achieve as much lift in the jawline.


Majority of patients reasons behind it?

females: to get a sharper jawline

male: enhance, masculine definition and shape.


Have you seen an increase in non-surgical in the last two years

  • with the likes of Kylie Jenner etc. face shapes changing, more accessible


Jordan had:

Cheeks (midface)



Multiple areas were treated to achieve the holistic balance of his face, to gain proportion which included multiple syringes of filler.


How many MLS are usually used for a jawline rejuvenation with dermal filler

starting from 2ml upwards, of the thicker premium product.

A combination of jaw and chin – 2ml to 4ml

depending on how heavy (skin laxity) and recessive chin the patient is.



  • A combination of treatments may be required depending on the patient’s individual concerns and anatomy. This might includes masseter injections to relax and slim the back area of the jaw.
  • Neckbands, they insert into the jawline by relaxing these, there is less of a pull from the jawline which over time preserves the sharpness of the jawline.
  • DAO’s’- helps again the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down, by releasing that it will help give a lift.
  • Mentalis (chin), the chin muscle action is the lift, elevate which can cause a shortening of the chin and chin creases. If you relax, it can often lengthen it.


Are there side effects:

Cosmetic inconvenience brusing and swelling is common and something to factor in, in everyday life.


What can you do to prepare

-no alcohol for 24’hours before tx

-no antiinflammatories

-if you have any dental infections or cold sores, no treatment to go-ahead

-if you have any dental work coming up, post-pone fillers and relaxer until after dental work.



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