Truth be told, not all cosmetic procedures, treatments, and injectables are created equally. There are some that target different areas of the face, but not all, and the results they offer vary.

For example, traditional collagen creams ensure that the skin would absorb the collagen being delivered during the procedure. However, in most cases, collagen molecules are too large that it cannot even penetrate the dermis at all. That said, most of these cosmetic procedures utilize vitamins that hold moisture, making them an ideal substitute for moisturizers, but the effects aren’t permanent at all. Perth Collagen Therapy is the way to go.

What Makes Collagen Therapy Different

As you age, the collagen production of your body slows down, and this is the reason behind the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Wherein, one of the solutions that’s often used to fix this problem are dermal fillers, however, although it provides instant results, it’s just temporary. On the other hand, the results of a Collagen Therapy procedure could last for up to two years.

This is what makes Collagen Therapy different. Unlike most dermal fillers we’re all aware of, the effects of Collagen Therapy take a longer time to appear. The reason for that is because it focuses on the stimulation of the natural collagen in the body so that it would be producing more. During a Collagen Therapy session, the dermal filler is injected into certain sites where skin depressions and wrinkles are very noticeable. After injection, the chemical compounds found in Collagen Therapy are slowly absorbed by the skin, and this would trigger collagen production around the areas where it was injected. This would cause the lower skin layers to repair themselves naturally. It’s very important to note that unlike other wrinkle fillers, you cannot expect instant results with Collagen Therapy, because it gradually improves the affected area that the process would take several weeks before the results become noticeable.

The Benefits of Collagen Therapy

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, with Collagen Therapy treatments, you can enjoy an overall lift effect that’s good for two years. Though, aside from that, here are the other benefits that you can enjoy:
– Improves collagen production of the face.
– Restores facial volume as it reduces facial folds, as well as fine lines.
– Those who underwent this procedure noticed an 80% improvement in the treated areas.
– After the procedure, you can continue with your normal routine.
– It’s very safe that a pre-treatment allergy test is not needed at all.
– Due to the fact that the change in appearance is gradual, no one would notice that you underwent cosmetic procedure.

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