Have you been considering cellulite treatments for stubborn fatty areas that just won’t budge?

Here are a couple of options that are available at Absolute Cosmetic.

Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve – A series of injections of a tailored and prescribed formulation to suit specific concerns.

For cellulite reduction there are two possible treatments, the first being Phosphatidylcholine which will break down the cell membrane of fat cells which then become a waste product, eliminated by the body and therefore reducing the number of fat cells in the treated area. The second option is a Vitamin A and caffeine combination, which also improves the skin layer making cellulite less apparent. This can be a good treatment if treating an area that has a small surface or is not too dense.

4 – 6 treatments are required each with mild bruising and swelling as a possible side effect.

These are not as common treatments, as we provide VASER smooth, a liposuction device which gives significant reduction of cellulite and physically changes the structure within the fatty layer, which no other treatment can do. This requires light sedation and key hole incisions which don’t require stitches.

The Doctor will infiltrate numbing fluid through the fatty layer being treated, then the VASER probe which is a long thin ultrasound device that goes through the layer gently and breaks down/cuts the fibrous bands that anchor the fat calls down and cause the cellulite/dimple effect. A garment (like leggings) needs to be worn for 2 weeks full-time, then a further 2 weeks only at nighttime. Day 1, day 5 and one-month post treatment review appointments are required.

Patients should be realistic in their expectations, and know that individuals will experience varying results.