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Fat Transfer Conference in Sydney

21 Aug 2014

Last week Dr Murray attended a Fat Transfer Conference in Sydney. The main lecturer was Sydney P Coleman who has just received the American Society of Plastic Surgeons trustee award for his work with Fat Transfer since the 80’s. The main topic of this conference was fat transfer to the face, the buttocks and behind the breasts for enhancement.

Read Below Dr Murray‘s Blog from the Conference:

“In the face, the focus was on the peri-orbital region. Dr Coleman injects into the upper and lower eyelids and agreed with my opinion that the tear trough and lower eyelid are often the main causes of baggy-looking eyes, not actually the bags on the lids themselves.

It was interesting to talk about stem cells which he also agreed seemed to rejuvenate the face. It seems that everyone should have some fat transfer to the face every 2 – 5 years to make benefit of this rejuvenation. The way it rejuvenates the face is the stem cells in the fat differentiate into collagen cells etc that intergrade into the skin. It was also interesting to hear the affects on acne scarring. It was agreed that fat transfer into any scars could cause some rejuvenation and some of the pictures were amazing.

Rejuvenation also included decreasing the dark circles under the eyes and this is an extremely difficult problem to improve but some of the results were magnificent. There is a problem with this, though; even though it can improve the dark circles under the eyes, it can cause some secondary procedural pigmentation that can last up to 4 months, but this pigmentation is nowhere near as bad as the dark circles under the eyes.

Fat grafting to the back of the hands was also very interesting, as it decreased the bony, veiny look of the hands, and the skin quality six months later seemed much improved.

Fat transfer behind the breast for enhancement was intriguing, as some of the cup sizes were up to 2 sizes larger than the original breast size. The improvement in the upper pole in some of the saggier breasts was also impressive. It was agreed that often top-ups were required to achieve the full result, but some of the breasts had up to 300 – 350cc placed behind them, which is quite a significant amount.

Nearly all of the fat transfer techniques can be done under sedation with local anesthetic. The risk of infection and complications is very low, although with transfer behind the breasts, it is not recommended for people who have a history of breast cancer.

Of particular interest in the buttock region was the use of it by men who had very flat bottoms for better shape to make their backsides look sportier in combination with liposuction to the love handles.”

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