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To Peel, or Not To Peel

01 Dec 2021

That is the question. And to answer it we sat down with Leah – one of ACM’s registered nurses and certified Dermal Technicians to get the full rundown for your ultimate glow-up.

As winter slips away and we start to feel the warm tell-tale signs of a classic Perth Summer, you may be starting to notice a few surprises left behind from the colder months in the form of uneven skin texture and dryness. A far cry from that summer glow we all strive to have for the family holiday picture or work Christmas party. Rest assured, that dull, dehydrated skin is common in the change of seasons – and easily treatable! Similar to the change in our exercise routines for the days spent by the water in our swimwear, our skin needs an “exercise routine” for its natural health and appearance. And what is our tried-and-true workout regimen of choice? The Glow Peel.

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While its name may come from the chemical reaction that is causes your old skin to ‘burn’ off – Surprising chemicals peel doesn’t have to hurt or leave you red and irritated or ‘peeling’. On the contrary, when administered correctly it can be a gentle and soothing experience, and it is among the best skincare regimen for all skin types.

What is the Glow Peel and why do you love it?

“Glow peels are one of my favourite treatments as they are tailored to a patient’s specific skin needs, making the treatment forever changing as your skin does. This flexible approach delivers better results in a shorter period of time. One of the reasons I love the Glow Peel is because it is a gentle resurfacer that also deeply moisturises, so while you may get some light peeling or flaking, the skin won’t actually ‘peel’ off in layers. Meaning you can cut out that awful-looking and often uncomfortable period where the skin literally folds back off your face. “

“Without delving deep into all the different applications of a tailored treatment, a glow peel, essentially, consist of Pyruvic Acid. Pyruvic Acid contains amino acids which are an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, increasing the skin’s barrier against free radicals which is crucial in protecting against premature ageing and improving the health of the skin.”

“Another great thing about Pyruvic acid is once absorbed by the skin it converts into Lactic Acid. Lactic acid improves the complexion by increasing cellular turnover whilst also stimulating collagen – giving you that oh-so-lovely, lit from within skin! “

How do you tailor the treatment? 

“Understanding your skin means understanding its needs are constantly changing. The benefit of the Glow Peel is the multiple options of treatment applications. After a patient’s skin is assessed and the Pyruvic Acid is applied, treatment ends with a customisable mask to further enhance results. Some of the many masks we pair with the Glow Peel are Hyaluronic Acid (for the ultimate boost in hydration), Vitamin B (to strengthen the skin barrier which reduces redness and sensitivity) or Vitamin C (evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation) “

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Who is suitable for this Peel? Is it safe?

“This peel is great for almost every skin type – even those with sensitivity. Patients who are taking certain medications however, such as Roaccutane or have waxed the treating area within the past two weeks may be advised to wait until the skin has settled before having the Peel. Your practitioner will go through these contraindications at your initial consultation before the treatment. “

“While there are many acid peels on the market, the use of Pyruvic is much safer for the skin because it won’t put the skin under any stress or trauma. Trauma through deep peeling can cause ‘post-traumatic pigmentation’ where pigmentation occurs because the skin has been damaged, and the darker pigment is stimulated as a means of protection for the body. Resulting in a cacophony of peeling pigmented skin – the opposite of what a good chemical peel can achieve.“

What is the cost and payment options?

Now available at all Absolute Cosmetic locations. Pricing starts from $99.

Book online, or call our friendly team on 09) 9389 9099 for further assistance.

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