We recently received an email from a patient who came to Absolute Cosmetic seeking help with an undesirable reaction to a treatment performed at another clinic. It outlines his experience with wrinkle relaxer injections conducted without doctor consent via a group buying site and we felt it important to share his story. We have removed his name and the business’ name for anonymity.

Subject: Drooping Eyelid
From: <Email and Name Withheld>

“Thank you Dr Murray for taking the time to see me. I have already booked an appointment in November with an ophthalmologist to see if my eyelid droop is permanent. Here is my statement of my (wrinkle relaxer) experience:

I purchased a voucher for anti wrinkle injections through a group buying website at a clinic called (Name Removed). The first time I had it done was the beginning of December 2012. I had a consult with only a nurse. I had no idea I had to consult a doctor beforehand. I did receive a slight droop in my eyelid, which did not last long.

I noticed another voucher advertised at a different clinic called (Name Removed) I purchased the voucher and had the treatment done on 2/11/2013. Again, I was not told I needed to consult a doctor.  I told the nurse that I had issues with a drooping eyelid last time and she said I should be fine and would just inject a few more units around that eye to keep it lifted. About a month later I was noticing my eye had drooped a lot more than previously. I was not too worried, as I did a bit of research and found it was the most reported side effect. However I also read it should only last a few weeks, and then a maximum of 6 months in very rare cases. It is now late August 2014, almost a year after my treatment and my eyelid is still drooping. I have spoken with a Cosmetic Doctor, who then informed me that I should have seen a doctor before having any wrinkle treatments, and the clinics should have told me that too. The Doctor was surprised that the droop had lasted this long and was quite concerned about it. I have received a referral to see another eye surgeon, who will hopefully be able to help me. Anti-Wrinkle Injection vouchers are so popular, I had no idea it was wrong for these clinics to be performing these procedures without a doctor consult (and to be selling a s4 medical product on a voucher system) . A very big lesson learned.

Thanks again Dr Murray, I really appreciate your advice. I will keep you informed of my progress.”

Foot note – This patient has been assessed as needing surgery for a permanent eyelid droop by an ophthalmologist.

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