Hi, it’s Dr Murray here from Absolute Cosmetic. I hope you are happy and well.
Just a quick chat today regarding the history of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

The first cosmetic and plastic surgeon is actually an ear, nose and throat surgeon –  Sir Harold Giles from New Zealand.

It is very interesting to read about Sir Harold Gillies’s work on sites like Wikipedia.

Much of cosmetic surgery are actually from different parts and disciplines in the medical field.

For example, Liposuction was invented by a gynaecologist and tumescent liposuction was invented by a dermatologist.

This explains that not one group can actually claim that they had started all types of cosmetic surgery procedures.
It is very important to do the research first.

The most important thing to look out for Cosmetic Surgeons is that the Doctor is a full-time practitioner in the cosmetic surgery field and does not dabble in it.

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