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How Much is Too Much?

19 Feb 2021

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, when do we draw the line to say, it might be time to slow down on visiting your Injector?

For those of you who had to do a double-take of Demi Moore’s most recent appearance during Paris fashion week- you would have noticed the evolution of her face has been anything but subtle.  While there are arguments to suggest Photoshop may have had something to do with it, or even opportunistic photography – the majority feel she has pushed the limits on cosmetic tweaks resulting in a dramatic new look.

 Showcased on our IGTV, Dr. Murray’s predictions for 2021 Cosmetic Trends included the comeback of a more ‘Natural-Look’ approaching the cosmetic world. “Being in this industry for over 22 years now, we have seen many trends come and go, including the ‘Too Much’ trend”.

See Dr. Murray’s IGTV here, as he discusses ‘How Much is Too Much’ and more!

Since the images from the Fendi show were released, Moore has since uploaded an image to her socials seemingly appearing ‘back to normal’ with her dramatic runway look being the result of heavy makeup tricks. This sparks the question of how far those are willing to go to retain their youth in the form of cosmetic procedures. Is ageing gracefully a thing of the past?

It is now becoming common practice for celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Courtney Cox, and Khloe Kardashian to have their fillers dissolved to revert the frozen look that has transformed these stars into somebody they don’t recognise themselves. The realisation that ‘less is more’ is setting in, whereby the desire to appear naturally untouched is becoming increasingly popular. Subtle enhancements here and there to augment a current feature, as opposed to ‘fixing’ an area is most common even amongst A-listers. Nobody wants to look as though they’ve had any work done, which is why Demi Moore’s recent dramatic look was so apparent.

With subtle tweaks and natural enhancements predicted for 2021, there are several treatments set to become the focus for patients where “less is more”.

Skin Boosters

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A non-surgical procedure also known as Micro Filler involves injecting microdoses of dermal filler over a larger area to give a fresh, hydrated look to the skin without altering the natural shape of the face. In younger skin, the skin booster can give an airbrushed or filtered appearance to the skin. In older skin, the skin booster can reduce the ‘crepey’ skin commonly experienced. The overall treatment reduces fine lines and improves the overall quality and texture of the skin requiring no downtime.


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The Kleresca Acne Treatment uses a photo converter gel and LED light to kill bacteria in the skin, initiate healing, and stimulate collagen build-up, which may be beneficial in the repairing of acne scars. This treatment requires two sessions a week for 6 weeks for clients to see continuous improvement over the next 6-12 months.

Where to Next

If you have been considering cosmetic injectables but not sure where to begin, please book a no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated nurses. They can provide professional advice on treatment recommendations to suit your needs.

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