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12 Mar 2020

On the 13th of January 2020 I began my Wedding preparation YAY. I knew that I needed to make sure all my cosmetic procedures and facial injections were carried out at least a month prior to my wedding, as I do have a tendency to swell and bruise for a couple of days after my treatment.

I really wanted to enhance my facial features, whilst still looking like myself and avoiding the “overdone” look. I am a mother of a toddler so overall, we worked towards achieving a fresh look, ready for my wedding on the 29th February 2020. For me, this was equally, if not MORE important than having a pre-wedding exercise regime!

When meeting with Senior Nurse Stephanie Murray to discuss our pre-wedding plan of attack, we devised a bespoke treatment plan complete with dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers and a skin treatment plan as I tend to have quite a bit of pigmentation (especially in the Summer months), my skin is something I feel quite insecure about at times. It is also something I haven’t had treated previously so I am looking forward to seeing the results.
This wasn’t my first time having fillers/wrinkle relaxers performed by Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, so I was completely relaxed and knew I was in the best hands, as I have been seeing Steph since 2013.
People often say to me “you have been seeing Absolute Cosmetic Medicine for years now, what’s the difference…”
My response is always the same, which is something to the effect of “because they have an extremely qualified and experienced team that is recognised worldwide, and I completely trust Steph’s judgement! I refuse to have these procedures done elsewhere because I would never risk my health or appearance for any amount of money / new craze…” I also love that over the years, Steph has been there for the big milestones in my life as I go to her so frequently – so there is an element of complete trust there from a personal level. Steph will go above and beyond for her patients to make them feel comfortable and make sure they are happy with the results.

Day of Treatment – Dermal Fillers to cheeks and chin (13/01/2020)

I arrived a bit earlier than usual to leave enough time to have the numbing cream take full effect – in this case it was applied to my whole face. I usually have an idea as to what I need treated however I let Steph guide me as to where she believes need correcting/enhancing. The local anaestitic was injected and the procedure was under way. We started working on achieving cheek volume. Now, let me be honest here, the cannula isn’t overly comfortable but the local and the numbing cream makes it certainly bearable (I never have any issues with pain management when I come to ACM). Steph placed 1ml of filler in each cheek which took approximately 15-20 minutes for the whole procedure.

We then started on the chin. This is an area I hadn’t considered getting treated. Steph suggested it and I was more than happy to go with her recommendation. The injections we done over about 15 minutes – again slight discomfort but nothing unbearable. After this treatment I was VERY happy with the result. This would actually have to be the area that has made the most difference in achieving symmetry and lifting my face. Steph injected approximately 1ml into this area.

The lips were next – these injections are the ones I am most familiar with. I like to work to achieve volume whilst maintaining quite a natural look. I always want people to second guess whether I have had fillers done – because to me, that means it still looks natural. Steph injected 1ml into this area. We worked on the cupids bow, kicking out the corner of the lips and volumizing the top / bottom lip. Again, I let Steph do what she thinks is needed to the area and it is always the recipe for success.

Day of Treatment – Wrinkle Relaxer (13/01/2020)

Wrinkle relaxer was straight forward. We treated the frown lines, bunny lines (nose), crows feet, chin and the masseters (because I grind my teeth terribly whilst I sleep). I really wanted to achieve a smooth look an minimise any lines.
Post Treatment – Day One to Day Eleven
Once all the work had been carried out, we applied ice immediately whilst Steph explained the care routine in great detail – I always make sure I follow this to a T, because I can tend to bruise, swell and bleed. I had a few errands I needed to run after my appointment, and I felt very comfortable doing this given that there were minimal side-effects.
2-3 hours post procedure my face did start to feel quite tender. I noticed a bit of swelling and one bruise to the corner of my lip but other than that I was very happy. Over the next couple of days I continued with my after care. By day 5, I noticed everything was healing nicely and the wrinkle relaxer was coming into effect – goodbye fine lines and winkles, hello fresh face!
I am now at day 11 and I am completely feeling back to myself! The treated areas have settled right down and tightened right up, it was a incredible treatment package and exactly what I needed to give myself that extra confidence in the lead up to my wedding.

Day of Treatment – Clear and Brilliant (03/02/2020)

I was really looking forward to this treatment as it was a procedure I hadn’t had before. I arrived at the Applecross Clinic slightly early to have the numbing cream applied to my face. After 20 minutes of relaxing whilst the numbing cream took full effect, we were underway. The laser that was treating my face was slightly uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say it hurt, but some regions of the face were more tender than others (especially the forehead). The treatment itself took 15-20minutes to do my whole face. Once the procedure had finished, I had a reddish appearance and my skin felt warm. The Nurse told me this would only last 24 hours max, I would then start to see my skin brightening. Overall, the treatment itself was comfortable and bearable, and was over in a heartbeat. The aftercare was explained well. What I LOVED about this treatment is there is little to no downtime!

Post Treatment of Clear and Brilliant – Day one to Seven

I have left the clinic looking flushed but by the following morning my skin was no longer red and it no longer felt like it was on fire! It seemed to appear brighter and there were no longer any visible side-effects. From day two I noticed the skin was rough to touch – but appeared flawless… I am starting to really see why they call it ‘clear and brilliant’. By day seven, I was fully recovered and loving what we had achieved. For me this treatment was relatively cheap – $250 for a full face for the amazing results! It was certainly value for money for me. What I loved most about the results is that my skin had a wonderful glow, my pigmentation had reduced and looked overall very even and tight!
I had been advised that the best results are seen after 3 treatments, but I was happy after 1.

Wedding Day

Today is the wedding day and I wanted to write a quick note about how I am feeling about the treatment package I had done prior to my wedding. This would have to be one of the BEST things I did in the lead up to the big day… I went into my wedding day feeling extremely confident about my face and my skin. My make-up glided leaving my skin with a flawless glow – thank you to the clear and brilliant.
As for the fillers/wrinkle relaxers – these results have been incredible. All my facial features have been accentuated leaving me still looking like ME. I am fresh faced, the make-up artist has said she loves working on my cheeks and lips!
Word of advice for all brides – plan and look at enhancement packages to prepare you for your big day! The added confidence radiates from the inside out! Thank you to Steph and the beautiful team at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.


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