Hi it’s Dr Murray here from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine I hope you’re happy and well.

Just a quick chat today regarding fat dissolving injections, these are products that are being released in Australia very soon they’re used to treat fatty chins or double chins. These products have been around in a fashion as Mesotherapy for quite a few years. It’s a great treatment it helps to dissolve the fat in these areas, it can take 1-2 sometimes 3 treatments for results.




Patient Diary

Day of procedure:
Nil preparation needed except to avoid aspirin and anti inflammatories for a week before

During Procedure:
After a full consultation with a Doctor and being consented, the Doctor or Nurse applies the grid to my chin, I then Ice the area to make it nice and cold. After about a minute of holding the ice on my chin, the nurse then starts administering the product. There is a moderate stinging sensation to the chin area, I let the nurse know then I start to ice the area again. The treatment only takes around 10-15 minutes in total.

Post procedure:
The chin area feels a swollen and warm, which is completely normal and is expected side effects

Day 1 post procedure:
My chin area is still swollen, no one has noticed the swelling. My chin isn’t painful at all.

Day 2:
My chin is still swollen, feels the same as day 1

Day 3:
The swelling is decreasing

Day 7:
A minimal amount of swelling left, the swelling feels hard.

Day 14:
A very small amount of swelling left, it is around the size of a 50 cent piece which feels hard.

Day 30:
Swelling is completely gone.

We also offer Coolsculpting and Vaser Pro Lipo for the chin area, we’re the only clinic in town that offers all 3 treatments.

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