What is the correct amount?

The correct amount of lip filler should be decided between you and your injector. It depends firstly on the size of the lips that you start with – some people have very thin lips, and need 2 or 3mL to make a normal lip. Others have very full lips and only need half to 1 mL. It also obviously depends on the desired end result, as some want to achieve a nice healthy pout, and generally 1-2 mL is enough.

The really important thing when injecting lips is proportion. A beautiful smile is generally made up of around 40% of the top lip, and 60% of the bottom lip. It can be a 50/50 ratio, and this looks lovely in many patients. Angelina Jolie for example ranges between 60 – 70% in her bottom lip. One sign of an inexperienced injector is a reverse ratio. This is when they have put injected so 60% or 70% of the smile is top lip, and less in the bottom lip – giving a ‘duck beak’ appearance.

Many patients go solely on price but the injector’s experience is extremely important. There are many inexperienced injectors coming into the market looking to make a quick buck and sadly, now we are often fixing up poor work. If you or a friend have had this experience don’t hesitate to see us, as we specialise in difficult lips.

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