In the Media: Venus Dimples

Watch Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine discuss the latest in-the-media attention revolving around Venus Dimples and what you need to be aware of.

Hi, Dr Murray here.

Back again to have a chat about what’s in the media and this time it’s “Venus dimples”.

What are Venus dimples?

At the lower part of the back you will see that a lot of people naturally have two little dimples. Some people think they’re cute, some people think they’re sexy and some people don’t care about them.

Some people do get them naturally, although you can create them. About 95% will have a very successful result.

Another 3% of people will need to put a little collar of fat around to make them stand out more. The main way we create them is by making two small nicks over the bony dimples and putting the Vaser Pro lipo probe in there and doing some localised high def lipo.

This will create those little dimples, but as I mentioned not in everybody.

Some people like to have them done when having the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or fat transfer to the bottom. Although sometimes you find that the fat in the bottom pulls out the dimples so you must be aware of that.

Talking about Brazilian Butt Lift, you must be very, very careful having this.

Extremely large volumes of fat in this area can cause problems and there were two deaths in Florida at a cheap fly in, fly out clinic last year who were pumping huge volumes of fat into people’s buttocks.


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