Cellulite forms over the years with changes in the fat cells and connective tissues of an area. If you are experiencing cellulite and would like smooth, beautiful skin, you may be interested in our Mesotherapy cellulite treatment.

For your Mesotherapy cellulite treatment, a unique formula will be created to help with your specific cellulite problems. This formula addresses the connective tissue, fat, and circulation issues that together create the appearance of cellulite in the skin. During your treatment, the formula will be injected into your skin in the target areas.

Another cellulite-reduction option is VASERsmooth. Our office has the only VASERsmooth machine for cellulite treatment in Australia.

Additionally, the FDA recently approved fat-reduction injections as a method of dealing with fat deposits underneath the chin.

Set up a consultation to meet with Dr. Glenn Murray and discuss your unique Mesotherapy cellulite treatment formula. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Murray and discuss the right treatments for your cellulite, contact us today.