Breast Augmentation

My Overseas Nightmare

01 Mar 2017

This is a true story from one of our patients.



I travelled to Thailand for a Breast Augmentation procedure in 2013. I want to make people aware of my experience, the lack of Pre & Post-Operative appointments and aftercare and the hidden expenses that come with the decision of travelling overseas.

I was not made aware of the consequences that came with my choice of implants and placement. I was not informed that the implant I chose was the completely wrong decision for me and my body frame. My consultation only lasted 15 minutes with the surgeon whom I had only ever met with once. Being only 19, I felt like I had no one to turn to for advice and trusted the judgment of my surgeon.

I have since found out after having many concerns over the past couple of years regarding where my implants sit and how they look (almost completely in my armpits, far apart and very low on my chest) the implants I ended up with are actually old and worn implants, are far too wide for my chest and long for my breast pocket. I am now left with 3 major complications only three years post-surgery and if left untreated, these problems are only going to become worse. I now have to have a revision surgery, to correct the mistakes that should not have happened in the first place.

I would also like to make people aware, that on my hospital discharge sheet there was a section that includes death. This made me extremely anxious as to why this would even be included on the document. You are in a third world country and it’s scary to think that if you do get really unwell you are in a lot of trouble and death can be the outcome more readily than in the west (I guess this is why it is on the discharge form).

After having my Breast Augmentation surgery, I was scheduled 3 follow-up appointments post-surgery while I was in Thailand and I actually only ended up having two of them. I was told on my second appointment that a third was not needed before I flew home and was sent on my way with a bag of painkillers, sleeping tablets and dressings.

Once I returned home, I had many concerns regarding painful sensations in my nipples, cramping pains and also the concerns with how far apart my implants were and how they sat. It was almost impossible to get in touch with my surgeon which made me feel like they didn’t care. Medical tourism companies’ representatives are not medical but usually travel agents who are on a kick back. I had to liaise back and forth through the medical tourism company which was a nightmare and was not able to speak directly to my surgeon regarding my post-operative concerns.

Complications can occur at home, but at least here your doctor is with you to prevent these and is available to assist in treating you at any time.

I want everyone to be aware of the major details they don’t inform you of before you go away for your surgery. The lack of detail, the lack of care, the hidden expenses and the stress they leave you with once returning home from your procedure. It is not worth it.

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