Which may caused distress for some viewers.


Hi, its Dr Murray back again. We’re talking about necrotising fasciitis after breast implants. You must be aware that all doctors have complications during or after procedures no matter if its overseas or at home. This is a very important point as some people think if it happens at home then who cares if I go overseas. But the significant difference is that you’re in a third world country when you go to some places overseas and their health system such as the public hospitals etc do not have the same standards and same quality of care if you get very unwell. You may have read recently about a fellow who became very unwell in bail after a hernia repair and was flown home to Perth for intensive care. You must ask yourself why was he flown home to be looked after if the system over there was so good. Recently we saw an extreme case of necrotising fasciitis in a breast implant patient and you will see the photo with the blog. Necrotising means “death of” and fascia means “covering of the muscle” and it’s an infection which causes the death of the fascia but the problem is it can spread very quickly and it can kill you so you have to be aware of that. When you’re away overseas if you have something like this it would be very urgent for you to get home and get good intensive care. The problem is this can cost you between $60,000 – $150,000 depending on how unwell you are to get transported back to Australia. Obviously, it is better to have your doctor or surgeons nearby so that you’re well looked after and this can be prevented or treated very quickly. This girl was very lucky she got home in time or this condition could have killed her. Don’t forget to do your research but realise, unless you’re medical sometime research won’t tell you all the facts and risks. A hotel is not a great place to have surgery so if a hospital looks like a hotel then maybe that’s all it is. Take care, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 93899099 to find out more.