According to only 8% of us actually keep our new year’s resolutions. How is your resolution going, are you one of the other 92%?

It takes clear motivation and determination to achieve your goals, so here are some tips for how to make your resolution a reality.

Ensure your goals are achievable

When you’re setting goals, always ensure they are realistic and able to be achieved. There is no point in setting a goal that you are unable to achieve, as you will simply realise the difficulty in achieving it soon into your journey, and give up. Start small, and once you realise you can achieve one goal, set the next one slightly higher.

Set goals that are tangible and measurable

Make sure the goals that your set yourself are able to be measured. Rather than resolving to feel better about yourself, which is subjective and can vary from day to day, set a goal that you know will help you feel better. Why not resolve to do three gym classes per week, and drink two litres of water every day? These goals are measurable, and these small changes to your normal routine will go a long way in helping you feel better physically and mentally.

Make yourself accountable

If you’ve resolved to do more exercise this year, help keep yourself accountable by selecting an exercise buddy to keep you motivated, or let someone know about your resolutions, and ask them to check in with you each week to see how they are going and to ensure you keep on track. Failing that, write your goals down and stick it somewhere you will see them every day like the bathroom mirror or on the fridge.

Finally, treat yourself!

Once you achieve your goals, make sure you treat yourself to a new outfit, a pampering at a day spa or something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself to reward all that hard work!