Unfortunately at Absolute Cosmetic we not only hear about but often see and treat patients who return from Cosmetic Surgery “Holidays” overseas with less than desirable results.

The outcome of some of these cheaper surgeries are not just physically but mentally scarring.

Our most recent encounter has been a patient that went overseas to save money on breast augmentation surgery only to return with a horrifying result. When she presented her result to her surgeons and her non-medical travel agent he was “fobbed off” and told that nothing was wrong with the outcome despite there being clear issues (see photograph below).

Upon consultation at Absolute Cosmetic it was obvious she had suffered synmastia (loss of cleavage) from the armpit technique. The implants had also bottomed out and were too wide for her frame giving the outward pointing nipples. Unfortunately the only way to correct the procedure is to completely remove the implants and redo the surgery – a very difficult procedure. This may have been partially prevented by good aftercare – remember half the cost of a procedure is in the pre-op and post-op aftercare! She allegedly was not told of any of these complications.

Overseas Surgery Mistake

In this case, just like so many others, not only has this patient not saved money by going overseas, she’s ended up having to pay more to fix what they’ve done, plus she has been through the emotional trauma while risking her body and health. All Doctors have the risk of complications, but it is the prevention andmanagement that is the important part. If your Doctor is not close by, more can go wrong and treatment is much harder. If something serious goes wrong at home then you have a first world health care system to back you up.

Stay home, and stay safe.

Click here to listen to Dr Murray speak about overseas surgery on the “Ask an Expert” segment for 94.5fm The Bunch breakfast show.