Overseas Surgery

A recent story from a patient at Absolute Cosmetic telling of her Overseas Surgery ordeal. If you are thinking of going overseas for surgery you owe it to yourself to get a second, local, opinion.

“I had a breast reduction in Australia when I was 16 years old but over the years I’ve lost between 5-15kg and my breasts had become extremely saggy. I decided to get a breast augmentation and lift in the hopes that it could fix this problem. I thought I did my research and I went through a company here in Australia where their surgeon was based in South East Asia. Everything went well and I had hardly any pain at the time but once I returned home I knew something was wrong. My breasts just didn’t have volume at all, they were really saggy and I started to develop a “double bubble”. I had sent photos continuously to my surgeon and he told me that it looked fine and to keep up with the massages and it will go away. It wasn’t till I started feeling some discomfort and pain that I decided to get a second opinion from Dr Murray at Absolute Cosmetic. Turns out the double bubble won’t just go away, it needs a revision surgery and there are more things wrong than I realised. The surgery I had undergone was completely wrong for my problem, and although it was cheap at the time it turned out to be a waste of money and flying so far (two flights) I have since learnt was quite dangerous, including the risk of bleeding, super bug infection and lack of follow-up etc . I thought I had done my research but unless you are medically educated you can’t understand the important facts and the travel agents that book you in (who aren’t medically educated either) don’t understand and it seems don’t care in the end either.”