Talking Skin Care Maintenance for Ages 25-35 with Dr Murray

Doctor Glenn Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is the expert on skin care maintenance, having seen a wide range of cases l in his 20 years of full-time cosmetic industry experience.

Below he shares his free tips on how people aged between 25-35 can look after their skin. And surprisingly, it’s not that complicated at all.

Are you in the age group 25-35? And you want to look after your skin?

There are many things to use on the market that can help your skin, but a lot of is actually not that great. You should get good medical advice on prevention of lines and skin maintenance.

We have a whole range of products here that we can use, but basically in this age group, it is all about prevention. Alpha Hydroxy acid creams, use of wrinkle relaxer, and use of stimulating injectables are very wise. Also some gentle laser treatment is great to use on your skin as well.

Try the Clear + Brilliant Treatment at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine

Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Clear and Brilliant treatment, available at our Nedlands, Applecross and some WA Clinics. Clear & Brilliant utilises the anti-ageing properties of Fraxel laser technology to counteract ageing and sun damage.

Clear & Brilliant uses gentle laser energy to create millions of microscopic treatment zones. These treatment zones serve to stimulate the production of new skin tissue, thereby replacing areas of damaged and aged skin. It is suitable for improving the following conditions;

  • Textural imperfections
  • Dullness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Decreased skin elasticity

The Clear & Brilliant treatment is comfortable, quick and effective. Following consultation, the procedure itself requires approximately half an hour of your time. During the treatment you will feel a warm flicking sensation on your skin as the laser is applied. Ice may be applied following the procedure to cool the treated area.

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