We recently had a Perth patient with some lumpiness and divets from the old fashion liposuction technique. VaserLiposuction or Liposculpture is a excellent method to smooth out this rippling. We have the only Vaser 2.0 in Western Australia and the only VaserSmooth in Australia; it works by using ultrasound to liquefy the fat. The benefit in being a good tool for smoothing these areas is that it can treat the superficial fat gently and evenly hence being so great for removing lumps and divets.

With traditional liposuction the cannulas are bigger, being more lumpy, and they cannot be used in the superficial region meaning that lumps can persist. Vaser Liposcution is much less painful because the cannulas are also smaller. These cannulas are hollow metal-like straws that are used to suck and hollow out the fat. So if you or anyone you know have some rippling (especially from overseas surgery as these are often large, vast cannulas that are used – which we think are cheap and nasty) then don’t hesitate to refer them to Dr Murray at Absolute Cosmetic for consultation and assessment.

Call 9389 9099 or email if you have any questions regarding the smoothing out of old fashioned liposuction in Perth.