Our very own Senior Nurse Steph Murray, crowned Perth’s ‘Queen of Injectables’ was recently interviewed by Channel 9’s journalist Emmy on the rise of males, notably business men, getting wrinkle relaxers.

Nurse Steph attends conferences around the world that are focused on the most advanced techniques of injecting to improve and rejuvenate the face. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, she has looked after celebrities, professionals and athletes alike. She leads Absolute Cosmetic Medicine’s award-winning service. Scroll down to watch what she has to say on more males getting wrinkle relaxer treatment.

Watch the Queen of Injectables Channel 9 Interview

One of Perth’s most experienced injectors is reporting a substantial spike in the number of WA businessman getting wrinkle relaxer treatment. Having jumped by 42 per cent in a year.

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Emmy: Apparently businessman are flocking to wrinkle relaxer injectors as the economy’s tanking and they don’t want to look worried – is this really what it’s all about?

Stephanie: Absolutely. At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine we are seeing a huge spike of 42% increase just in the last year, just in men having treatment.

They are doing that because the industry is so flat across the border – it is for miners, it’s for farmers, it’s for CEO’s. So, it’s not just one demographic. It’s just creating a more youthful appearance, everyone is youth focused and they find that it does enable what they do.

Emmy: So you talk about this youthful appearance, what areas are these gentlemen most concerned about, and how regularly do you treat them?

Stephanie: Well all muscle relaxers will last you roughly 4-5 months so it is a treatment that you plan for 3 to 4 times a year.

It’s preventative, most men do between the eyebrows, they’ll do their crows feet, they will do their forehead and that’s just to enable them to not look grumpy when their presenting or if they are smiling and it’s not looking too sharp. Or, if they are raising their eyebrows too much and they are not looking too quizzical so it just gives a fresh, youthful appearance and it really does kind of give them the appearance of being more relaxed.

They show that the younger a male is looking, it appears that they are far more successful. So that’s what they are hoping for.

Emmy: You’ve worked in this industry for 20 years, what other treatments are men taking an interest in?

Stephanie: Well, men also take an interest in their jawlines. So they are doing more fillers to the face as well, so we will see a wider broadening of the jawline, they’ll shape their chin, they will sculpture their brows. So, it’s a really common area for men now.

They are approaching it more because they are having more selfies taken, on social media more, everyone is photographed far more than they would, so they are far more aware of what they are looking like.

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