Hi, Dr Murray back again, talking about the absolute tragedy in Sydney where a lady has died after having a botched breast filler. It’s been called a “botched boob job” and a lot of people think that means that she has had breast implants although she hasn’t. It was actually an injection into her breasts using dermal filler to increase the size. This was done by an unregistered doctor from overseas; we’re not even sure if she is a doctor but she was from China, fly in fly out. This is very dangerous and obviously most people would see that, but some people get talked into these procedures. It’s very important to be aware that Asia has come to Australia and a lot of people are giving kickbacks for referrals. We don’t give any kickbacks. This is called a secret commission and it is illegal under the medical board. Also, you must be aware that drugs given at an unlicensed practice can be very dangerous and you must have very good training. And that’s the big thing with Absolute Cosmetic Medicine – we were one of the first practices in Perth that were licensed. This means the health department comes through and checks everything and it can be very thorough but it is worth it. It does add to our costs but we think it’s worth it for your safety. All the drugs and all the protocols are checked – especially the sterilizing to make sure it’s all above board and perfect for you. The main thing is that cheap is not good. This lady was obviously offering these cheap breast injections. Even with facial injections we can see disasters and we are dealing more and more with these problems. No practice is perfect. No doctor is perfect. Everyone does have complications, but it is having the experience to deal with them and the experience to prevent them is a huge factor in choosing who you go to. Go to an experienced, licensed clinic and don’t risk your life. Don’t risk your face. Take care and keep happy.