Talking Dermal Filler Blindness Risk with Dr Murray

Doctor Glenn Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine recently attended the IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) Conference in Bali.

The IMCAS conference is the essence of aesthetic science, plastic surgery & cosmetic dermatology, where they explore the science behind aesthetic procedures, discover up-to-the-minute practice management and digital marketing skills, and uncover the latest information on regulations and trends in the region.

Dr Murray discusses blindness after dermal fillers being injected to your face and why this problem has skyrocketed in recent years.

Weren’t able to make the IMCAS event?  No worries – Dr Murray has the highlights from the conference to share with you below. Watch the video:

Hi, Dr Murray back again.

We’re talking about blindness after dermal fillers being injected to your face. It’s a great concern to me how this seems to have skyrocketed in the last few years.

I do feel this is because of inexperienced practitioners out there that are poorly supervised or poorly mentored. When I first started injecting over 20 years ago, we never heard of this issue, but now it seems to have skyrocketed.

There are some basic things that people aren’t doing it seems.

Number one is not knowing the anatomy – there are danger zones in the face and you must be very careful.

We hired some nurses from another large clinic and I was quite shocked to see how poorly trained they were and how they had very little knowledge of the anatomy and where they were injecting.

Number two is basic principles such as injecting when withdrawing needles, not injecting under force and getting the right plane.

There are danger zones in the face, although I think these are a little bit overstated because if you follow these basic principles, then being near some of these danger zones are not much of a concern, although I would not suggest an inexperienced injector to go near danger zones at all.

So it’s important to pick a clinic that has good training and alot of experience. Although it may look easy on YouTube, there’s alot of things that can wrong.

I had a young fella that bought some from overseas, from China, was injecting his face, and if he would have gone at least 1 or 2mm more into his forehead, he would injected the Supraorbital artery and made himself go blind. When I told him this he was shocked, didn’t believe me, then looked it up and rang back and apologised.

So be careful who you choose for dermal filling injecting. It’s very important, it’s not just how many people are following you on Instagram, but it’s about how experienced you are.

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Dermal Fillers can create blindness if you have an inexperienced practitioner.

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