Loved by our practitioners at Absolute Cosmetic, Skin Boosters have become increasingly popular over the last summer, due to the hydrating effects patients are receiving.

Dehydrated and crepey skin is often the result of a decrease in hyaluronic acid within one’s body. When HA diminishes, your cells are unable to hold sufficient water, therefore collagen itself degenerates, leading to loss of skin elasticity.


We sat down with one of our Senior Injectors, Nurse Laura at Absolute Cosmetic, to learn more about Skin Booster Injections, since the recent rise of treatments we are seeing in the clinic.

Click here, to see the full video chat with RN Laura on Skin Booster Injections. 

Registered Nurse Laura has been with Absolute Cosmetic for over 15 years, gaining her a Senior Injector title and a loyal, trusty following.


ACM: Can you tell us what Skin Booster Injections are?

L: Skin Boosters are a skin conditioning treatment, made up of hyaluronic acid. They are injected into the middle layers of the dermis, to nourish the skin from the inside out. An increase in hydration, elasticity, and smoothness can be noticed. I like to describe the treatment to my patients as a fertiliser for their skin. You poke little holes in the skin, apply your fertiliser (aka skin booster product) and you begin to see your lawn (aka skin) flourish. It is very much how it is with the skin.


ACM: Are the results instant?

L: On average, for most people results will progressively improve over the course of 3-6 months. Some patients will require multiple vials to achieve optimal results, which we can help determine at your initial appointment. Often when we revisit the patient’s skin and inject more product 3-months after their first treatment, we notice the skin texture and appearance accelerate from a collagen perspective.


ACM:  How much product do you need?

L:  It is common to require more than 1ml with this product, especially if you’re skin is dehydrated, or you are noticing an increase in fine lines. 1- 3 mls is the general proportion of filler that we use on an individual in one appointment.


ACM: Are there any side effects?

L: Since treatment consists of multiple tiny injections, swelling and bruising are common and in most cases cannot be avoided. This is a mild cosmetic inconvenience, however, these symptoms typically heal quickly on their own.


ACM: How much does treatment cost?

L: Prices start from $599 per ml with myself and the other Senior Practitioner’s, however, we do have some specials which rotate monthly, available with the Advanced Injectors at Absolute.


ACM: Who would you recommend this treatment for?

L: Those who are starting to notice that their skin is getting finer, or if you begin to notice crepey lines, especially around the mouth, sides of the face, and eyes. Generally, you will be able to notice yourself when your collagen is depleting, so we encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation if you have questions, or would like to know if they might be best for you!



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