Year after year, Australia’s surgical enhancement masterminds are developing more genius ways to help turn back the clock. So, it’s no surprise that with the rise of these brilliant industry movers and shakers, the popularity of cosmetic procedures has also rocketed to its unprecedented peak at the beginning of 2022. However, while procedure type rises and falls in statistics depending on ‘trends’ and social views of the reflected era, one procedure has retained its prestigious seating over them all for two decades worldwide. Yes, we are talking about Breast Surgery, aka Breast Augmentation.

We know you have heard of the famous, full-figured procedure – with 1,795,551 Breast Augmentation surgeries performed worldwide in 2019 and 38,937 in Australia alone. While the figures, in both meanings, speak for themselves, alarming amounts of misinformation and outdated resources pose a threat to the thousands of Aussies who are considering this generally well-received surgery. Horror stories of botched overseas jobs, even scarier stories of unethically practising Australian Doctors, are enough to confuse even the savviest shopper on the who’s and what’s within the business of breasts. Indeed, no cosmetic procedure should be taken lightly or without a substantial amount of research first – even when looking to book that first initial consultation, some serious thought should go into your consulting Doctors educational background and experience. The trouble is sourcing that amongst the poorly regulated jargon of today’s wild web.

With a first-hand experience of the procedure process, documents full of research notes, and Dr Glenn Murray’s assistance – whose no-fluff credentials can be found HERE, we have compiled a “need to know” overview relating to all things busty; that is Breast Implants and Augmentation.

Breast Implants

While breast enhancement attempts can be traced as far back as Germany in the 1800s, the Birth of Breast Implants as we know them started in the 1960s with two Texan Doctors and a great idea.

The initial implant design was made with thicker silicone rubber shells of one singular shape and size, something that by today’s standards would be considered medieval and cruel. However, sixty years later, silicone gel implants have come a long way from their predecessors and are considered a safe and effective option for breast augmentation. In addition, implant design and sizes offer a range of options almost as unique as your own natural breasts.

Saline vs. Silicone

Both implants, now highly engineered, provide a considerable shape and lift to the breast area. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water that the body can safely and naturally absorb in case of implant leakage. Silicone implants offer a more natural look and feel as they conform to the natural contours of the body better when compared to saline implants, especially in those with thin skin or very little breast tissue.

Don’t get hung up on CCs or cup sizes.

Implants are measured in cubic centimetres (CCs), a measurement of the volume they hold. To get an idea of how cc converts to the standard of measurements we use more commonly, 100–200 CCs is equivalent to about one cup size. That being said, it doesn’t make sense for patients to hone in on CCs because so many other factors contribute to how big or small the implant will ultimately look. Like shoes you want to add to your wardrobe – just because a pair look fabulous on one of your friends, you would still purchase them in a size that fits you (and not your friend). It is important to be realistic with your desired breast size and consider the Doctor’s advice – ultimately, we (Dr Murray) recommend a size and type that would be best for you and your health.

Smooth implants have a slick outer silicone shell, so they don’t attach to the surrounding body tissue and move freely within the breast tissue or the capsule of tissue that naturally forms around it.

Textured implants have an outer silicone rubber shell with an irregular surface, almost like soft rubber sandpaper. They attach to the tissue capsule around them and are less likely to move.

Other factors in choosing your implants include shape, projection (how far they extend from your chest wall), and size. Unsure of what would be best for you? Not to worry, Dr Murray will meticulously measure your breasts and torso and recommend an implant size that won’t stress your tissues to help reduce recovery time and potential complications.

Your choice of Doctor matters

The most important choice you can make for your augmentation procedure outcome is choosing the right Doctor.

During your consultation, discuss the results you want and share your “wish pics” with your Doctor. They will advise you on what’s possible and proportional to your height, weight, and your existing breast tissue volume.

Prior to your procedure, Dr Murray will help you choose your implants and discuss whether to place them under or over the chest muscle. They’ll also discuss your best options for incision location.

You’ll need to share your entire health history and potential medical tests to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery.

Want to learn more?

Information is vital when it comes to any life-changing surgical procedure. You can never be too informed, which is why we offer complimentary consultations with our talented nursing team, initial and second consults with Dr Murray, and 24/7 support for any aftercare or post-procedure inquiries. If you are thinking of having a Breast Augmentation or Implant Replacement Procedure – call our team today to start your research with our team of experts.