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The Hidden Dangers of Wrinkle Relaxer Parties

06 Nov 2023

What Is a Wrinkle Relaxer Party?

A wrinkle relaxer party is a social gathering, typically hosted at a friend’s residence, where an individual comes to administer wrinkle relaxer injections or other dermal fillers to a large group. While the idea of enjoying a glass of wine and having a few wrinkles smoothed out while socialising might seem ideal, health authorities hold a different view. Although the allure of a wrinkle relaxer party can be captivating, the risk factors associated with wrinkle relaxer injections increase when they are performed in an uncontrolled setting.

Wrinkle relaxers, a term used for injectables, require only a few minutes for administration and involve minimal downtime. The convenience  of wrinkle relaxer treatments have led some providers to offer these injections in private residences rather than in a medical office.

Getting wrinkle relaxers at a friend’s house during a social gathering, complete with food and drinks, may be appealing to those who are trying this cosmetic procedure for the first time and are somewhat apprehensive. Injections are carried out at the host’s home during a wrinkle relaxer party, often at a reduced cost following a brief informational session.

The Numerous Hazards of Amateur Injections

Whilst wrinkle relaxers are widely used in various clinics and are offered in medical spas as cosmetic treatments, there is no governance for the safe administration of wrinkle relaxer injections in a home party setting. Before consenting to wrinkle relaxer injections, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks associated with injections performed by untrained individuals.

Lack of medical records

In professional medical offices, wrinkle relaxer providers maintain comprehensive records of your previous treatments. If you are pleased with your wrinkle relaxer results and wish to replicate them, a wrinkle relaxer party will not offer the same level of documentation. Additionally, a thorough review of your medical history is essential to ensure the treatment’s safety.

Potential unsanitary conditions

Medical offices adhere to high standards of cleanliness for all treatments. Providers should always follow proper handwashing, glove usage, and syringe safety protocols. Wrinkle relaxer parties come with an elevated risk of potentially unsanitary conditions due to the uncontrolled environment.

Inexperienced injectors

Achieving the desired natural-looking results with wrinkle relaxers requires an educated and experienced injector. If an inexperienced provider administers your injections at a wrinkle relaxer party, there are no guarantees regarding the quality of results you will obtain.

Limited medical assistance

While emergencies or adverse reactions to wrinkle relaxers are rare, having the treatment in a medical office ensures immediate access to trained professionals and life-saving equipment in case such situations arise.

The Possibility of Receiving Counterfeit Products

One of the most disconcerting aspects of wrinkle relaxer parties is the uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of the injectables used. These parties often offer injections at a discounted group rate, but the lower cost may be attributed to the use of non-FDA approved injectables, such as silicone, which carries severe and potentially life-threatening risks, including the formation of hard lumps and complications in various body parts.



How to Safeguard Yourself Against Wrinkle Relaxer Pitfalls

  • Avoid being swayed solely by price, as significant discounts may indicate compromises in the provider’s expertise or product quality.
  • Always schedule a consultation before any facial treatment to discuss your expectations and concerns with a qualified provider.
  • Ensure that wrinkle relaxer treatments are conducted in a medical environment with sterile practices, avoiding treatments in non-medical settings.
  • Confirm the use of FDA-approved products and inquire about the source of the injectables to prevent potential complications from unapproved ingredients.
  • Trust only experienced wrinkle relaxer providers for your injections.

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PLEASE NOTE: Outcomes will vary for each individual due to factors such as genetics, diet, tissue quality, and environmental factors. All medical procedures carry risks.

DISCLAIMER: Cosmetic treatments and surgery are a serious decision. More information about the risks, recovery, and consent forms for each procedure is available on our website.


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