Every day we expose ourselves to images and advertising; on social media, the television, and even at the bus stop. Often these images present us with ideas of what we need; whether we like it or not, these images are everywhere. While admittedly, there are things outside of ourselves that we would all love to have, what we want to talk to you about today is something everyone has, SKIN!

Facial rejuvenation is discussed in our clinics more times than you could count. Patients often come to us curious to know what they can do to help themselves feel more youthful, confident and refreshed. At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, we believe that skin is fundamental to everything and is the first line in rejuvenation. In Australia, we have consistent exposure to many harsh elements. All these elements affect our skin – the sun, the heat and the wind.


It is no secret that we us Aussies all enjoy a good day out having fun in the sun, weather that be on the beach on a boat or simply just out visiting your favourite coffee spot. But without additional precautions, things like this can weaken our skin’s natural barrier leaving our skin vulnerable. When we are considering the prevention of the evolution of aging, there are certain things that we can do to minimise the impact a day out in the sun might have on our skin.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. We want to keep it simple, so our first recommendation is always an SPF. SPF is to be applied daily. Like brushing your teeth, putting on your sunscreen needs to become a non-negotiable in your everyday routine. The second step we would recommend is addressing your daily skincare routine. Skin treatments in the clinic are an effective tool but only make up for a small percentage of your skincare plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love a facial as much as the next person, but if you do not address these two points first, you will not be able to maintain your maximum results between visits.

In your daily skincare routine, begin incorporating specific active ingredients to address your skin concerns. You want to do this gradually. Begin using an active only once a week to avoid causing any irritation and build your usage up from there. If you are concerned with your skin tone and texture and want to improve hydration, consider adding Vitamin C. AHAs and BHAs are great chemical exfoliants, removing the top layer of skin and helping to reduce fine lines. Are you forever chasing that plump, youthful glow? Consider incorporating hyaluronic acid. Topical hyaluronic acid not only hydrates but can assist in soothing irritations such as dermatitis.  

Sometimes products can seem overwhelming, knowing which is best for you. That is why, at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, we offer complimentary consultations with our dermal therapists. We have a team of skilled professionals to help you, no matter where you are on your skincare journey. Our team would love to help you and advise not only on an at-home routine for you to implement but also on in-clinic treatments to complement.  

Call us on (08) 9389 9099 to book in with one of our team and begin your skin journey today.