Over recent years, male cosmetic treatments and surgery have seen a huge increase in popularity. Besides the treatments that are considered “unisex” (suitable for men and women) such as anti-wrinkle injections, the requests for male exclusive treatments specifically have grown exponentially. In fact, cosmetic procedures for men have increased over 325% since 1995, with men undergoing over 1.22 million procedures since 2016.  

From these figures it clear that now, more than ever before, men are seeking not only preventative treatments to look youthful and delay the pass of time, but also many corrective and enhancing procedures. And why not, confidence isn’t a female-only super power after all. “Most patients seek [cosmetic] procedures to feel like the best version of themselves,” said Dr. Murray, “There’s a magical paradox I’m helping people achieve: looking the same but better. So of course, it means men are included” 

Why are increasing numbers of men open to having cosmetic procedures? Social media and the desire to look good have played a large role. Additionally, increased social acceptance to have a ‘little work done’ and wanting to feel more confident drives more and more men to visit a cosmetic practitioner. Another factor is a shorter recovery period. Many procedures have less downtime now than they used to a decade ago. Depending on the treatment, patients can return to work within a week after surgery and sometimes even the same day with non-invasive treatments like PRP for hair loss.  

The most interesting of the list, is for career advancement. Yup, you heard us right – Now, cosmetic enhancements aren’t just about vanity: they’re about success. 

Once viewed as youth-chasing and feature-freezing solutions for the foreheads and lips of image-conscious women, Botox and fillers can now be found lodged beneath the skin of high-flying male lawyers, financiers and property developers. 

A recent study from the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that men now want to look “tweaked” rather than “tucked.” These “tweaking” procedures, commonly referred to as “masculinisation fillers”, are injectables — synthetic hyaluronic acids that mimic what our bodies naturally produce — for the jawline, chin and neck areas. They don’t cost as much or take as long to recover from as traditional plastic surgery, but you still walk away with a bolstered, youthful and professional image, giving colleagues the impression that you are high-energy, hard-working and on-trend. In order to stay relevant in a youth-oriented workplace, men have opened their perspective to aspects of aesthetics formerly considered relevant only to their feminine counterparts, even if they are still unwilling to talk about it openly.  

The paradox of a man being furtive about a procedure is akin to watching his sugar intake is surprisingly common. Talking about going to the gym is OK. Talking about getting a haircut is OK. But cosmetic procedures are something most men will do for themselves only, and they do not talk about it. In a culture of secrecy, it can be hard for men to feel accepted. But once men are through the door, they keep coming back. And as gender roles evolve, vanity is losing much of its stigma for men in general. The beauty buffet, once ladies-only, is now open to all, with men increasingly moving from the hors d’oeuvres (grooming, beard cultivation, skin care, dieting and exercising) to the appetizers (hair replacement, Skin tightening) and on to the entrées (Botox, fillers, non-invasive fat reduction) before ordering up the pièce de résistance: cosmetic surgery. 

So to break through the shroud of secrecy surrounding male cosmetic procedures we have listed the top 5 male-centric procedures and some of their benefits. With the growing number of male treatments on the market, we recommend starting with a complimentary consultation with our highly trained nurses – who can advise you on the best tailored treatment plan to suit your concerns and desired treatment outcome.  

Without further ado – here are some of the surgical and non-invasive treatments most commonly requested by men in our clinics:

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

The surgery gets rid of man boobs and gives you a more masculine-looking chest. 

It can help result in a significant boost in confidence. Confidence itself can help improve all the personal and professional areas of your life. 

Your clothes fit you a lot better, and you finally can stop hiding behind baggy clothes. 

It can give you an improved quality of life and less embarrassment in the gym. 

You can get relief from chafing, rashes, and irritation that occurs from having man boobs.

Benefits of Male Facial Rejuvenation – Facelift surgery for men 

It makes you look youthful and erases years of your age. 

You can look less tired – more fresh, alert and awake. 

Facial Rejuvenation can improve the overall quality and texture of your skin. 

Facelift surgery can help transform your looks and boost your confidence. 

Advantages of a Male Neck Lift

The neck lift surgery can get rid of double chin and sagging tissues in the neck area. 

It can help give more structure to your face by getting rid of soft, sagging tissues. 

The surgery can help get rid of definitive lines around the neck area. 

It gives you additional confidence and boosts your body image. 

Benefits of Male Double Chin Injection Treatment for Male Chin Fat Reduction

This treatment can permanently destroy the fat cells in the chin area. 

It can improve the contours of your chin and jaw area. 

The treatment can help give your face a more sharp and masculine face. 

You will likely see complete results in a matter of six months. 

Benefits of Male Eyelid Reduction Surgery  – Upper and/or Lower Blepharoplasty

The surgery can help reduce eye bags underneath your eyes. 

It can help give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance. 

The eyelid surgery can remove the hollow appearance underneath your eyes. 

You can look years younger than your age. 

It improves the eye shape.