Have you been dreaming of a hot girl (or hot boy) summer? Well – you are not alone; you may be one of the nearly 9,000 people who have googled liposuction this month. We all know the saying “summer bodies are built in winter”, so what better time to start preparing?  

Even better news, not only have the seasons aligned for you, but here at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine we have also just received some of the latest technology, making liposuction and fat transfers even safer, more reliable, and lower risk. 

The new Absolute Cosmetic liposuction and fat transfer system has made it easier for us to meet your needs and expectations. This innovative technology vibrates back and forth at a rate of 3,000 – 6,000 times per minute. This removes the fat very quickly and is great for addressing those stubborn areas with more fibrous fat stores, found on your back and shoulders. Say hello to confidence from every angle! 



Once the fat has been removed, it is moved into the collection system, which separates the fat from any other fluids. The fat is then processed through a spinner. Now this is the Absolute Cosmetic difference; once the fat has been processed it is then gently put back through the tubing, through the same cannula initially used, and back into the area of your choice.  The benefit of this technology being fully enclosed is a reduced risk of infection. It is a more automated system, which means more precision, and better results.  

 One factor that patients contemplating a fat transfer are always encouraged to consider, whether it is to the breast or a BBL, is that the fat can shrink away, and there may be a need for a top up. Usually, 9 in 100 patients require one top up to their fat transfer however, 1 in 100 patients do require two.  This can be a hassle for the patient, needing to go back into theatre, have more fat taken, and have the area re-treated. What we have noticed using this machine is that less fat shrinks away, and the top up rate is lower already.  

We are so excited to have this new technology in our clinic, and we cannot wait to talk to you about the results we can help you achieve. If you have any questions, or are ready to take the next step, call us on (08) 9389 9099 to schedule your consultation today.