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Thread And Face Lifting

29 Dec 2016

Thread lifting and face lifts can seem confusing to those that have not seen the evolution of the procedures over the last twenty years . Many newer Perth Cosmetic Surgery practitioners do not understand where these procedures have come from and possibly where they are going next .

Many newer practitioners do not understand where these procedures have come from and possibly where they are going next .
Basically, the procedures are split up into closed (no cutting) and open (the skin is cut open) methods.

Closed thread lifts have evolved from the original brittle Russian threads to the absorbable modern thread. Most of these are inserted with needles and have barbs to hold the skin up or give some lift. Some have little cones etc for catching the dermis also .
They were oversold in the early days as being as good as a face lift – they are not. Unfortunately practitioners believing this also overly criticised them and some used cheap threads that had significant problems such as snapping. Threads are good for a subtle and convenient lift only and take a lot of experience to achieve adequate results. We occasionally will add an extra thread if the lift is not adequate initially. We believe they are a good adjunct and the face must be considered as skin, fat and muscle layers that all need attention with differing treatments.

Open procedures involve cutting and lifting of the skin with suturing back in place afterwards. There are many names of lifting that are based on marketing terms at times and variations in the procedure. S lift, macs lift , ultra threadlift ,  x lift , xtra threadlift , open thread , deep facelift , Z lift – have all been used over the years.
The basic difference is being above or below the smas muscle. Thread like sutures are woven or plicated through the muscle for lift  and a variable result both in duration and effect occurs. Many of these procedures due the more natural look and simplicity of the process. The deeper lifts proceed to cut this muscle and dissect under it. This is where more nerves and blood vessels can arise and hence more complications can occur . Results can be amazing although some patients do not like the windswept look and sometimes the distinct change in appearance they describe is not them.

An interesting recent study showed that a small group of patients cannot see the result and forget how aged they had looked previously ( in our experiences partners can suffer this also ).
We believe that a natural look is the aim and the skin, fat and muscle should be addressed also to make the rejuvenation subtle or natural looking and complete.

We also believe that  significant procedures should be performed under sedation (or general anaesthesia) with local anaesthetic as these procedures can be very stressful if awake. We have excellent Anesthetists  available for deeper sedation procedures. ACM are fully health department licensed and have never had a sentinel event ( one of the first to receive this license for cosmetic use ) .We have been trained by some of the world’s best and received a fellowship to the International Board of Cosmetic surgery ( some of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons are examiners ), this plus twenty years of full-time experience in only cosmetic procedures shows commitment to the industry.

Always ask – how long have you been practicising as a full-time cosmetic proceduralist and how many have you performed ?

If your clinic offers sedation check they are health department licensed.It may be wise to only use a health department licensed clinic as the regulations are very strict.

Results are always variable between patients, as is longevity to some degree .You must be realistic and patient as the procedure heals and evolves.
Preparing the skin prior to your procedure with thermage or ultra former skin tightening machines ( ask our staff for more info) is an excellent way to improve the results as healthier firmer skin responds more adequately.
Rarely some will have a course after the procedure to small stubborn areas.
We are always available for concerns and questions and will support you through the process.
Our staff are second to none being good caring people.

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*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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