Another unregistered nurse illegally imports medicine from overseas!

Article from the West Australian, 2 April 2014

Health officials have issued a warning to people who received anti-wrinkle treatment at an Applecross beautician, after concerns were raised about illegally imported medicines.

The Department of Health is advising clients who underwent Wrinkle relaxers injections at Pastel Skin and Body Care in Applecross to contact a WA Health public health nurse.

The warning follows an investigation which found that the person giving the injections was not a registered nurse and that the medicine had been illegally imported from overseas.

The investigation was triggered after the department received a customer complaint.

As a prescription-only medicine, Wrinkle Relaxer injections must be prescribed by a medical practitioner and administered by a doctor or nurse.

Deputy chief health officer Andy Robertson said the Wrinkle Relaxer injections were provided to customers who purchased anti-wrinkle treatment via various internet shopping sites, such as and

“Where possible, WA Health is contacting all of the clinic’s clients who have been given injections, but information on some clients is limited,” Dr Robertson said.

“Patients who have undergone anti-wrinkle treatment at Pastel Skin and Body Care within the last year, and who have not received a letter or an email from the Health Department, should contact the public health nurse on 9431 0200 during business hours for further follow-up.”

Dr Robertson said it was important that anyone having Wrinkle Relaxer injections ensured they were being administered by a trained health practitioner and that they had checked the practitioner’s credentials.

Medicine injections from an unlicensed clinic, particularly where the medicine is imported from overseas and is of unknown quality, placed people at greater risk from both the medicine and cross-infection.