Today we have focused on the mid-face, the reverse cheek bone, temples, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Also an unusual spot – the angle of the jaw to give her a lift on the jawline. Also, there are these lines here in front of the ear that can be quite a nuisance as you get older. In order to rectify this, I have filled them and what she will later find is that they will drop out as it takes a while for the filler to spread the lines apart.

So, we have done a lot on her very, very quickly and we have tried to stick with the anatomical lines but also a few of my own lines that I have noticed over the years such as the Angelina line from here to the top of the ear. Also, what I have tried to do is fill out a little bit of her outer orbital rim as well as she had a little bit of hollowness there. So not the Tear Trough, although we have treated that with the Murray method but have also gone a little bit further out. Steph is on a lot of anti-inflammatories – aspirin, anti-inflammatories and green tea which can make you bleed but as you can she hardly got any bleeding at all. She got one tiny little bruise over this side but for the amount of injecting that is actually a really good result, she has got no makeup on at all. She is a little bit puffy from the local anaesthetic and you must realise you can get very swollen and sometimes very bruised from these products but on average you do not see a lot of bruising. She didn’t feel it at all and she has had a great result.

Thanks, a lot Steph. Cheers.