Check out the video on Mega Liposuction

Here at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, we have been performing Mega Liposuction for over 20-years.

Currently, this procedure is performed using Vaser Pro Lipo and commonly paired with the new skin tightening procedure, J Plasma Renuvion.  

For those of you wondering exactly what Mega Liposuction is and how it differs from Liposuction… 

Essentially, Mega Liposuction is an effective liposuction procedure for overweight patients which involves removing greater than 5L of fat. This can mean more than 5L of fat in one procedure, though this is not recommended and usually will require being admitted to the hospital for close monitoring to avoid complications.

As always, the patients health and safety are our main priority – therefore ‘the 5 litre rule’ was proposed many years ago when traditional Liposuction was performed that caused significant blood loss, or shock.

The modern procedure is performed with tumescent anesthesia that includes adrenaline. The adrenaline reduces bleeding, resulting in the appearance of the discharge similar to that of raspberry cordial, rather than traditional heavy bleeding that we call the “tomato sauce look”.

 The 5L rule does have some limitations in modern-day tumescent Liposuction. Vaser Pro Lipo is a gentler form of Liposuction or Liposculpture where Ultrasound probes that are tuned to the natural frequency of the fat are used to remove fat in a more consistent method. This causes even less blood loss, therefore is a safer procedure. Although removing more than 5L in one procedure can be done, it is not recommended.   

Instead 2-3 sessions of Liposuction are separated by a few days to weeks to allow the body to adjust to the volume loss. This is what we call the modern-day method of Mega Liposculpture.  

The other problem with removing larger volumes (of fat) during Liposuction is the dose of local anesthetic can be exceeded. This must be avoided, and is avoided if the procedure is carried out over an extended period of time, as just mentioned.  

Ultimately, The procedure itself allows for minimal scarring and a swift recovery – as long as you follow all the post op recovery procedures properly.  The procedure not only offers patients a reduction in weight, but this treatment can also help the patient kick-start a healthier lifestyle, an exercise program, and  healthy diet. 

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