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International Alopecia Day

Recently alopecia has been a hot topic of conversation in the media, encouraged by the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident at

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Reducing the signs of aging on the body

Often we speak about facial rejuvenation and how we can maintain a youthful appearance. The truth is, we show our

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Disappearing Ink; No more tattoo regrets

Throughout history, the art of tattooing has evolved to make its mark across all classes of society. Unique trends, styles

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The Mask of Masculinity

Over recent years, male cosmetic treatments and surgery have seen a huge increase in popularity. Besides the treatments that are

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Coolsculpting: We swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

As we approach the midpoint for 2022, now is the perfect time to realign with some of our new year

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To Peel, or Not To Peel

That is the question. And to answer it we sat down with Leah – one of ACM’s registered nurses and

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Treat Excessive Sweating with Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Sweat reduction injections aren’t new, but the effectiveness of this simple and common treatment is gaining popularity by men and

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Options Beyond the Liquid Facelift

Lifting, tightening, enhancing and rejuvenating, welcome to the world of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, aimed at enhancing your natural self.  

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Bro-Tox & Manscaping, Re-defining Male Grooming

Looking good equals feeling good, and in today’s world, it has never been easier to achieve your aesthetic goals. With

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Face Shaping, the Non-Invasive Way

“Face Shaping” without Surgery   Whether it be loss of collagen contributing to a drooping mid-face, ageing along with genetics

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Cosmetic Trends of 2021

Fox Eye Thread Lift, Russian Lips, Brow Lift, Jawline Enhancement. Have these trends come to an end?   2020 saw

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Periorbital Focus: Treatments Surrounding the Upper Face

Could Covid be behind the rise in Cosmetic Treatments?   Since March of 2020, lockdown generated a new normal within

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