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Today we’re talking about fat reduction by Coolsculpting™. It was developed at Harvard by Professor Rox Anderson and Assistant Professor Dieter Manstein. They observed that if fat was frozen to the right temperature it would induce lipolysis, the break down of fat cells, without affecting or damaging the surrounding cells.  They discovered this when they observed that children who ate frozen icy poles for teething would get dimples.

You must be extremely careful with this technology to not effect the surrounding structures. The CoolSculpting applicators have temperature gauges which constantly monitor the treatment area temperature.  If the treatment area goes below the safe threshold the machine will shut down, ensuring that the patient does not suffer from freeze burns, nerve or muscle damage.  There are many cheap imitation machines on the market that do not have this technology, meaning that the patient could suffer from burns, muscle or nerve damage if the treatment are becomes too cold.

There is a big concern regarding clinics claiming to have Coolsculpting machines when in fact the machine they have is a cheaper replica. The Coolsculpting technology is finely tuned. It is highly possible for these cheaper, inauthentic machines to cause freeze burns, nerve damage and muscle damage.

One of the other concerns with some of the cheap replica’s of CoolSculpting machines is that they are being sold to clinics who do not have a doctor to perform a hernia check. When treating the abdomen area hernia checks are required CoolSculpting can aggravate an existing hernia. Find out more about CoolSculpting.

Please ensure you do your research before having any treatment done.  Even though a treatment may be marketed as non-invasive, it does not mean that the treatment can not have serious side effects when precautions are not taken.

Absolute Cosmetic offers CoolSculpting at our Nedlands, Applecross and Joondalup locations.  We offer complimentary, no obligations consultations to assess if CoolSculpting is a suitable treatment for you.  If you wish to book a consultation please call us on 9389 9099 or 1300 NEW YOU.

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