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Remove Ugly Tattoos with PicoSure Laser Technology

Procedure name:PicoSure Laser
Great for:Tattoo removal, skin pigmentation removal

Please read all of below before attending your consultation and to assist you in understanding the procedure:

What is the PicoSure?

The PicoSure laser is the latest in tattoo and pigmentation removal technology and has extremely positive feedback online for patient satisfaction.

Absolute Cosmetic was the first company to obtain this laser in Western Australia. Our doctors have vast experience in laser tattoo removal and pigmentation treatments.

Tattoo Removal

Twenty per cent of people regret their tattoo or wish to have it replaced with another.  There is an increase in 43 per cent in the number of tattoos removed in 2012 and many people are concerned regarding the effects on employment.

The Economist magazine performed extensive research on the tattoo phenomenon.  They found that an employer with a tattoo was less likely to employ someone also with a tattoo.  The American military has banned tattoos in their call-up.  This may be reduced to only visible tattoos.

Many tattoo lovers are concerned and in these tighter economic times would like to improve their chances of obtaining or retaining employment.

PicoSure’s main advantage in removing tattoos is its extremely short-pulse time.  What this means is the laser beam is turned off and on extremely quickly and precisely.  Most tattoo removal lasers work at 10-9 seconds whereas Pico works at 10-12 seconds.  This allows very high energy to be delivered to the tattoo pigment very quickly.  This destroys the pigment more effectively and in most cases leaves the skin intact.  This means less treatments, less complications and better results.

Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation is an extremely common condition that causes distress to many people.  Pigmentation can be thought of as a natural tattoo.  As such, the PicoSure laser is one of the best methods of removing this.  The problem with pigmentation is it can reoccur but now with the less risky PicoSure treatments this is less of a problem as the removal is more effective.

See the general tattoo removal section on this site, as the overall treatment is the same but less is best, both in the amount of treatments and complications seen.

How many treatments will I need?

Every tattoo is unique and contains different colours and different volumes of ink. It’s important to speak with one of our doctors to find out how many treatments you may need, and what to expect.

Generally with PicoSure, the number of treatments is expected to be roughly half of that required for alternative laser removal.


*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Why Choose Absolute Cosmetic for Your Tattoo Removal?

  • We were the first clinic in WA to have a PicoSure laser
  • Dr Syed has done over 1,000 sessions of PicoSure Tattoo Removal making him one of the most experienced in Perth.
  • We are a full time cosmetic clinic.
  • Absolute has a 24-hour on call service to assist with any concerns.

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